Gabriela Isler

Meet the model turned activist who’s using her platform to inspire change

gabriela isler mobile

Crowned Miss Venezuela in 2012 and Miss Universe in 2013, Gabriela Isler knows a thing or two about capturing an audience. Now, the model and activist spends her time carrying out the mission of her personal brand: to be an agent of inspiration, guidance and empowerment by promoting education, tackling social issues and sharing what she’s learned about living a full, healthy and happy life. “My life philosophy is based on self-love, respect, family values, gratitude and love,” she explains. “I use my platform——as a channel to share my life experiences and help others make a positive impact on the world around them.”

On her perfect day in New York. “Fall is my favorite time to be in New York. It’s when you get the kind of days with lovely weather and warm sunlight that lets you enjoy your favorite coffee while sitting on the grass in Central Park surrounded by nature, reading your favorite book and relishing the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. In general, I love checking out a Broadway play, visiting the museums—in particular, the Met, MoMA and Museum of Natural History—and discovering new restaurants and coffee shops.”

On an anti-aging secret she swears by. “We spend hundreds of dollars on creams and treatments to avoid or get rid of bags under the eyes, but one of the best beauty hacks that I swear works and is very accessible and available to all, besides a good night’s sleep, is to drink a lot of water. I also use sunblock every day.”

On the best advice she’s ever received. “Believe in yourself. It’s simple, however I had to hear it several times before I understood what it meant. It’s about believing in your capabilities and your inner strength, because the day you realize the power you have, the world will change in your favor.”

On something no one knows about her. “Cooking is one of my secret passions and I also love to sing. Sometimes I do both at the same time, and it’s my favorite part of the day.”