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We know you love that spin class, girl, but maybe it’s time to look beyond the darkened room and stale air to the bright, fresh open spaces? Here, nine super-fun outdoor workouts that won’t bore you to death.

Mermaid Workouts in San Diego

Ready for the next level of lap swimming as well as a killer social media post? Then you’re ready for the Friday morning Mermaid Fitness class at the Hotel del Coronado. You put on a bright Lycra mermaid tail over your swimsuit, then proceed to try to move like a fish--which turns out to be an unbelievable core workout (have you ever seen a trout with muffin top?).

Kayaking the L.A. River

Who knew? The Elysian Park stretch of the waterway is actually kind of clean and lush, and LA River Kayak Safari will prove it to you. You’ll spend anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours biking upriver, then being led downstream by a guide in his own imported South African kayak. Trips leave morning, midday and afternoon--the 3:45 p.m. excursion teaches you how to traverse Class II rapids, which we’re shocked our river even has.

Santa Monica Beach Yoga

You’re on Santa Monica Beach feeling the cool morning breezes next to lifeguard station #29 or enjoying the sunset between downward dogs. Bring your own mat for teacher Brad Kreimach’s class and stop waiting to exhale.

Stairs 728x921

Stair Climbing in Silverlake

Your blood is pounding as you sprint upward on one of five hidden staircases in Silverlake, following along on an app that’s guiding you via GPS and blasting a music playlist you’ve customized. Or you can just stroll up the stairs and listen to historical tidbits about sites and personalities. Either way, your quads will feel it.

Hoop 728x921
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Hoop Spinning in Griffith Park

Tired of those boring old burpees? Try the whole-body workout of hooping, where you spin a hoop that?s a bit bigger and heavier than the Hula-Hoop you played with as a kid. Flow Temple teaches a six-week course in the park that?s part dancing, part moving meditation and mostly fun.

BeachBootCamp 728x418

Boot Camp on Santa Monica Beach

OK, so maybe you really like burpees. And planks. And squats. Push-ups, even. Then you’re ready to do all that on the unforgiving surface of sand. Three mornings a week, with classes as early as 6 a.m., Big Mike’s Boot Camp puts participants through their paces--and gives dietary guidance--to get to an optimal 17 to 20 percent body fat for women.

TaiChi 728x418
Flickr/Benjamin Robins

Tai Chi in Studio City

Maybe you’ve had it with pulsing bass beats and frantic circuit intervals? Or just want to learn to go with the flow more in your day-to-day? Try tai chi in Woodbridge Park, with three-times-a-week lessons led by the TC Society. This flowing Chinese martial art is a moving meditation that’s beneficial for all ages.

SUP 728x418

Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Marina del Rey

You’ve seen the cool kids paddling agilely off beaches all along the coast, but the surf break seems too rough, right? Take your first lesson at glassy-flat Mother Beach in MDR with Poseidon Paddle and Surf. Your legs, arms and upper back will especially feel it after a 90-minute how-to lesson--and afterward, you can feel confident renting a board and hitting a surf break.

TrailRunning 728x418

Trail Running on Mt. Baldy

So you think your little runs around the park have got you in good shape? Take your fitness on the road by joining the Trail Runners Club on its weekly Sunday run to a new site, usually in the Santa Monica or San Gabriel Mountains. An 11.5-mile run up Mt. Baldy is next--and remember, there?s always downhill to look forward to.

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