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Fiber is king if you need help, ahem, moving things along. But not all fibrous foods are created equal. Here, the nine best ones to fill up on when things get kinda stuck (hey, it happens!).

legumes list


Like beans, peas and lentils. A half cup in your soup or salad can add up to 15 grams of fiber to your diet. Plus, protein to stay sated longer. Start small (maybe a quarter cup or less) and build up your intake slowly to avoid bloat.

oatmeal list


It’s rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Together they help to bulk up your stool and soften it so it’s easier to pass. Win-win.

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spinach list


One cup is all you need to get four grams of fiber in. Plus, the leafy greens are packed with magnesium, which helps the colon contract and flush everything through. (This is probably why you can often find the mineral in laxatives…ya learn something new every day.)

nuts list


A half cup of almonds, walnuts or peanuts provides up to nine grams of fiber. Nuts are also rich in healthy fats and the aforementioned magnesium.

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dried fruits list

Dried Fruits

Speaking of snacks, dried fruits (think dates, apricots or figs) are easy to eat on the go. The best of them all? Prunes. They contain fermentable sugars that have a laxative effect.

flaxseed list

Ground flaxseed

Add a tablespoon or two of the stuff to your smoothie, salad or oatmeal to pack in an extra five grams of fiber easily. And though flaxseeds can be eaten whole, grinding them makes them easier to digest.

pears list


You always hear about how good apples are for you (and for good reason), but the humble pear actually packs more fiber. Just make sure to eat the skin--that’s where most of the good stuff is.

kiwis list


Another less lauded fruit, the kiwi has tons of fiber but is also low on fructose (fruit sugars), which can cause bloating.

berries list


Turns out all of those tiny seeds in each berry are fiber powerhouses. Top off your breakfast with a half cup of blackberries or raspberries--or eat a bowl of them for dessert. (OK, fine, alongside your dessert.)

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