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Just when you were starting to get sick of your fitness routine, a new crop of trends has popped up to keep you on your toes. From aqua yoga to sleeker wearable tech, here are five trends that will be everywhere come January.

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2018 fitness trends hiit


Workout fanatics have known about (and loved) HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, for years. But it seems to finally be catching on in the mainstream. Basically, HIIT workouts encourage you to give all-out, 100 percent effort for quick, intense periods of time, followed by short, sometimes active recovery. In addition to being over faster than lower-intensity workouts, HIIT can temporarily spike your metabolism and can often be done with little to no equipment. Sign. Us. Up.

fitness trends team classes

Team-Based Workouts

Sometimes you need to sweat it out by yourself in a silent yoga studio. Other times, a team-like atmosphere can be just the motivation you need to really crush your workout. Studios like NYC’s Swerve Fitness (an indoor cycling studio where you basically race for points as part of one of three teams) and Throwback Fitness (which mimics your high-school P.E. class) have been huge in big cities for months now, making them primed for a cross-country takeover in 2018.

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fitness trends water yoga

Outside-the-Box Yoga

Goat yoga is on the far end of the spectrum, but there are lots of less-kooky (but still unique) ways to flow. Whether it’s aerial yoga (like at L.A.’s Up Flying Yoga) or core-strengthening floating yoga (at NYC’s TMPL Gym), it’s time take your practice beyond the mat.

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fitness trends athleisure


Yes, still. (What…you’re mad about it?) Athleisure—basically, casual clothing like yoga pants, sweatpants and hoodies designed to be worn both for exercising and for doing everything else—is still going strong, as evidenced by the myriad new brands getting in on the trend. A few we’re loving right now? Delmonico (for mesh-insert leggings), Monrow (for the softest sweats) and P.E Nation (for the coolest outerwear). Consider this permission to keep wearing workout gear to the bank well into the new year.

fitness trends activity trakcer

Upgraded Wearable Tech

Keeping tabs on your diet and exercise levels and all that good stuff isn’t going anywhere, it’s just evolving. Instead of the bulky bracelet trackers of yore, expect to see more discreet wearable tech, like Motiv. A sleek little ring ($200) that has all the capabilities of a traditional activity tracker, Motiv is the perfect combination of fashion and function. How 2018 of you.

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