Your February Horoscope Is Here

If you’re single: When planets shift into your zone of pleasure this month, funnel that cosmic optimism into fluffing your social calendar with events, dates and dinners...and actually seeing them through. Don't bail on that cute guy from Tinder. He might not initially seem like your soul mate...but he could be just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re in a relationship: With the planets favoring your individual identity zone, this is a month to spend more time apart…in order to come closer together. So commit to hanging out more with your own friends (rather than your S.O.’s network) and tackle that to-do list solo. Absence makes the heart grow fonder is the key to coming together stronger and recharged.

If you’re single: The first step to finding new love? Getting over the old. With the planets activating your zone of surrender and healing, use this moment to get a little witchy and weird. (Think: Hand-writing a list of all the reasons you’re better off or literally taking a match to an old flame’s photo.) It’ll feel good, and open the door to a new person some time around the 15th.

If you’re in a relationship: This month is all about examining the give and take in your partnership. (Are you running all the errands? Are you giving more affection than you’re getting?) Listen to your gut and have a frank convo about any imbalances. Come Valentine’s Day, you’ll be ready to dive back into loving your guy full-on, without feeling that you’re compromising.

If you’re single: With Aquarius and Pisces in your far-out zones of futurism, it’s time to stop scrolling through that dating app and think outside-of-the-box when it comes to meeting “your person.” Serious about finding somebody with shared interests? Swallow your pride and join the runner’s club your coworker tipped you off to.

If you’re in a relationship: Even for fiery Aries gals, long-term relationships can start to feel stagnant. The fix? Commit to a project together, whether it’s a scrappy living room redecoration or an early a.m. hiking tradition. Pick a shared interest and nurture it like a newborn baby, and you’ll reignite that spark.

If you’re single: With a bold new moon in your orbit, it’s time to get serious about what you really want in a long-term partner. (Someone who loves to travel? Someone as close to their family as you are?) As the planets shift toward dreamy Pisces at the end of the month, resolve to get back out into the dating world and put aside your superficial tendencies. Remember: You can change a man’s pants, not his personality.

If you’re in a relationship: It’s time for a big talk, lady bull. Use the new moon on the 15th to chat long-term plans and security, and declare your love in a more durational way. (Think: giving your sweetie her own set of keys or starting to try for that baby, dammit.) With planets shifting toward Pisces by month’s end, you’ll feel reinvigorated and ready to take on anything.

If you’re single: With the new moon activating your zone of joyous expansion, this is the month to put on your best lipstick and hit the town looking for romance. Don’t be afraid of casual flings or flirtations, and know that putting yourself out there will help you focus on exactly what works for you and what doesn’t in the long run.

If you’re in a relationship: Time to put aside those ho-hum Netflix nights and do something new, you two. So go ahead and try a fresh sex move or take a trip outside your comfort zone. (Or both!) When the Pisces planets light up your zone of security at the end of the month, you’ll find that taking leaps together brings you guys a new sense of solid ground.

If you’re single: When the new moon hits your sign right around Valentine’s Day, you have a radical opportunity to extend an olive branch to someone who has hurt you. (Think: Typing out a kind email to your ex and closing the loop on anything nasty.) Clear the air with an old flame, so you can meet someone new when March comes into focus.

If you’re in a relationship: Use this bold new moon to smoke out anything that’s going left unsaid in your partnership. (Maybe a deep-seated financial concern or the fact that your sex frequency has slowed?) This is the moment to have a heart-to-heart. By the month’s end, you’ll be feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, and ready to breeze into March stronger as a team.

If you’re single: Thanks to the bold new moon (right around Valentine’s Day!), it’s a great time to revise your intellectual “list” when it comes to suitors and follow your feelings instead. Think you want a straight-laced corporate type but finding yourself attracted to that artsy bike messenger? You know what to do.

If you’re in a relationship: With diplomatic Aquarius in your house of mystery, the time is nigh to explore compromise. Notice how and where you’re being a hard-ass, and commit to letting some of those battles go. It’ll be an easy win for your dynamic…and will lead to far more fun on Valentine’s.

If you’re single: February is all about refining your self-care routines and rituals, in order to invite a promising new person into your life. So go ahead and treat yourself to a manicure and massage...then get your ass to that friend of a friend's party and chat up the cute dude in the bathroom line. After all, you're your best version of yourself when your feeling confident and calm.

If you’re in a relationship: This is the month to relish and re-instate little daily rituals. Love drinking coffee together in the morning? Missing your Sunday crossword dates? Work these systems into your routine, and when you’re tired and crabby, remind yourself that love is built on seemingly mundane moments. By month’s end, you’ll be be feeling all schmoopy again.

If you’re single: This is a fearless month for your love life, Libra—so stop playing Little Miss Choosy and explore would-be suitors before shutting them down. Oh, and if there’s someone in your life you’ve been crushing on silently (hi, handsome coworker you can barely look in the eye), this is a good time for a water cooler conversation ambush. May the force be with you.

If you’re in a relationship: Even if you’ve been together forever, it’s time to think back on your early days of courtship and remember what made you fall in love. Recreate your first date, take a trip away just the two of you or spend an evening going device-free. With the planets shifting into your zone of health and wellness at the end of the month, you’ll be ready to settle back into your routine…but with a renewed sense of love and excitement.

If you’re single: It’s in your cosmic DNA to be suspicious, Scorpio (what, with being the queen of the underworld and all). But your tendency to assume every suitor has crappy intentions is holding you back. Your mission? Buck up and give folks the chance to prove you wrong. (He just might call you back…you never know!)

If you’re in a relationship: Safety nets are important to Scorpio chicks, and this is a month to build them into your partnership. So go ahead and open that joint savings account you’ve been talking about, or sit down with the contractor to finally make the kitchen reno a reality. You’re in this world together…time to feel extra rooted.

If you’re single: You’ve got a whole story about what an “appropriate” partner looks like. (Hi, independently well-off and wearing Armani suits.) But with your zones of perception activated this month, you’ve got the cosmic backing to change this stuffy narrative. Step one: Giving someone who doesn’t fit the mold a chance. Go ahead, surprise yourself.

If you’re in a relationship: Does your S.O. shut you out when he’s upset? Do you silently stew over little things instead of bringing them up? Use the new moon’s cosmic energy to air what bothers you, and work together on a plan to fix it. Then turn down a weekend’s worth of plans and hibernate, just the two of you. The world can wait.

If you’re single: You know how you’re always saying you’re “too busy” for a relationship? Turns out, it’s just that you’re too self-critical. Step 1: Accept compliments gracefully. Step 2) Compliment yourself. A little splurging here and there (think: a bikini wax, a fabulous new set of sheets) can provide the cues you need to get back in touch with your inner goddess and, yup, attract new suitors.

If you’re in a relationship: You’ve been so good about scrimping and saving. But this is the month to indulge. Treat yourselves to an amazing meal and say yes to the second bottle of wine. Cancel your Saturday plans and roll around in the sheets all morning. With Aquarius planets tapping into your pleasure zone, it’s time to inject excitement into your dynamic by getting a little reckless.