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Getting out of bed in the morning is a whole lot nicer if you have something tasty and attractive togreet you. That’s why we’re loving our new collection of oral-care products that includes mint-vanilla toothpaste, citrusy dental floss and tingly mouthwash in a bottle fit for perfume. (There’seven a sleep-enabling toothpaste for bedtime.) Here, six products that make a case for haute dental care.

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Twice toothpastes

Try Different Pastes for Morning and Night

Musician and interior designer Lenny Kravitz has introduced toothpaste that’s a real innovation: You use the minty Early Bird formula to rev up in the morning, and the vanilla-lavender–infused Twilight version to relax before bed. With a toothpaste-giveaway charity component and sleek-looking tubes, this stuff makes us look forward to bathroom-sink selfies.

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Gargle With Imported Mouthwash

A concentrated mint mouthwash—excuse us, concentrée eau de bouche—from Florence, Marvis Strong Mint Mouthwash is meant to be diluted with water, so it lasts forever. And itlooks so swank on our humble sink.

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Flossing Can Have Flavor Too

File this under “Duh, why didn’t anyone think of this before?”: Dental floss can be flavored just like toothpaste. Hints of mint, coconut, strawberry or cara cara orange are among the choices with Cocofloss, the floss that comes in a package that looks more like candy than something healthy.

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Replace the Tip, Not the Whole Brush

Truth: We take our healthy teeth and gums—basically our whole mouth situation—for granted. So a company called Quip designed an electric toothbrush that you can automatically receive a replacement head for every three months. That way bacteria doesn’t accumulate and you don’t have to remember when to buy a new brush. Plus, the mod design and cool handle colors are tech chic.

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Try All-Natural Charcoal Toothpaste

Carbon 6 Lab is an all-natural toothpaste that makes use of activated charcoal, a known cleansing agent in Ayurvedic and Chinese medical traditions. We like that it’s free of preservatives and artificial ingredients...and also the scary mouth-full-of-dirt look while we’re using it.

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WowE Lifestyle

Tongue Scraping is Next-Level and Amazing

A swipe of surgical steel over your tongue to remove those micro-organisms that brushing just doesn’t touch is the fastest way to avoid morning breath, and it fends off tooth decay. Plus, it really makes you feel like you’re a star dental-care student.

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