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OhhhFacebook: You're a constant bedlam of politically charged posts from “friends” (that we need to block), birthday reminders for people we don't even know and endless invitations from our second cousin to play Farmville. Point being: You're infuriating. 

But a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University says the social network can also help boost our happiness just as much as getting married or having a baby. Um...what?!

Contrary to previous studies, which found that more time on social media led to increased feelings of loneliness, the Carnegie Mellon researchers discovered that comments and interactions from loved ones actually boosted users’ psychological well-being.

The kicker? One-click “likes” and reading through friends’ posts didn’t move the needle of happiness one way or the other. The interactions that had an impact on happiness were ones that came from meaningful relationships and included a personalized touch. So instead of just hitting the “thumbs-up” button the next time you see your Aunt Nancy’s latest post, leave a few kind words in the comments.

Survey says: It’ll make her (and your) day.

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