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From a 7 a.m. workout class to an 11 a.m. meeting to an 8 p.m. dinner, your schedule doesn’t leave much room for a pit stop at home. These nine portable items ensure you’ll be prepared for whatever the day throws at you.

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Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Between subway poles, door handles and who knows what else, hand sanitizer is non-negotiable, but alcohol-based formulas can be drying. Instead of overloading your purse with Purell and lotion, try a two-in-one like Kiehl’s Purifying Hand Treatment.

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A Reusable Extra Bag

You never know when you’ll come across that book you’ve been meaning to buy or some gorgeous fall produce that’s too good to pass up. (Alternately, it can be used to stash gym clothes instead of letting them fester in a non-breathable plastic bag.)

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A Mirror

Not just for makeup touch-ups (though it’s useful for that), a compact will come in handy if you’re worried there’s something in your eye or if you need to sneakily check your teeth. (Which reminds us: Floss or toothpicks are good to have on hand, too.)

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Dry Shampoo

Your hair felt Pantene-commercial fresh this morning, but by 6 p.m. it needs a little help. A travel-size bottle of the miracle oil-absorber is worth the purse real estate. (You’ll also never regret having a mini comb for a quick brush-through between work and dinner.)

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All-in-One Makeup

If you’re not looking to lug your whole cosmetics bag around, opt for versatile products like Bite’s Multistick: It works on lips, cheeks and eyes (and gives you a cool, monochromatic look).

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A Portable Phone Battery

We’ve all watched our phone go from 40 to one percent in the blink of an eye. (Thanks a lot, Snapchat.) Be that person who comes prepared with not only a cord but a battery to plug it into.

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You know SPF is important, but reapplying during the day happens…well, never. A powdered mineral sunscreen like Colorescience won’t explode in your bag, comes with a built-in brush and applies easily over makeup.

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A Stash of Over-the-Counter Meds

Empty breath-mint tins make a handy container for Advil, Tums or Claritin.

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Stain Remover

Of course you’re not going to spill red wine on your favorite white top on purpose—that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. Stain remover is one of those items that you never need...until you really need it.

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