The 3 Best Ways to De-Stress If You’re an ENTJ (aka a Charismatic Leader)

You don’t just march to the beat of your own drum—you invented the drum, and everyone else is following your lead. As an ENTJ, one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, you’re a natural-born leader, and your passion and charisma are infectious. But you’re so driven and determined, you’re in danger of burning out if you don’t take time to de-stress and take care of yourself. And while lying on the couch and watching a movie might be fine for some people, ENTJs need to unwind a little differently.

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Join A Running Club

Or if running isn’t your thing, any sports team or exercise class will do. ENTJs often have more energy than they know what to do with, and burning off those calories will help you feel more grounded and focused. You love any excuse to get competitive and inspire other people to achieve their goals, so skip the treadmill and hit the streets with a bunch of new friends.



You’re a natural leader, but unless you’re the CEO of your own company, you might feel frustrated that you don’t get to lead and inspire your co-workers as much as you’d like. And all of that “following other people’s orders” nonsense totally stresses you out. So while you’re waiting for that promotion to kick in, jump in and do what you do best at a soup kitchen or clothing drive. Organizing and leading a group of volunteers will help melt away that workplace stress and, in turn, help people in need. Total win-win.


Plan A Vacation

Whether or not you actually have the time or money to go on safari in South Africa right now isn’t the point. But taking the steps to get a plan in motion is the most important thing—you love making your dreams a reality, and planning and executing a fun trip will help you get your mind off of all the stressful stuff in your life (why is it taking the contractor three months to renovate your kitchen cabinets?!). So plan that itinerary and read hotel reviews with abandon…and buy a safari outfit or two online while you’re at it.

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