What’s Your Enneagram Personality? (Chelsea Handler Is an 8)
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In a special interview episode of the Real Housewives podcast, Bitch Sesh, hosts Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider strayed from the usual topics (i.e., Lisa Vanderpump and NeNe Leakes) to chat with fellow comedian Chelsea Handler about some deeper things (not that figuring out who spread the gossip about Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy the Chihuahua mix isn’t deep). Handler was promoting her new book, Life Will Be the Death of Me. The memoir is rife with topics that dip into self-discovery and understanding, which got Handler explaining to the hosts that her Enneagram personality is an 8. “I’m a 1, 3, 2!” said Danielle. “I’m a 3w2,” Casey chimed in. 

Hold up. What are we talking about? Here, we’ll catch you up.

OK, so what is this Enneagram thing? You’ve heard of Myers-Briggs, right? Well, similarly, the Enneagram (pronounce “any-uh-gram”) is a nine-part, interconnected model of personalities that’s been around for centuries. Chelsea Handler’s run-in with the model came from reading the more recent The Essential Enneagram: The Definitive Personality Test and Self-Discovery Guide by David Daniels and Virginia Price. The book posits that your Enneagram can help you better understand yourself, and Handler seems to agree. On the podcast, she reflected that through her Enneagram she could pinpoint what she’s lacking (and apparently, that was empathy). 

What are these nine personalities? The Enneagram personalities are the Perfectionist, the Giver, the Performer, the Romantic, the Observer, the Loyal, the Skeptic, the Epicure, the Protector and the Mediator. But do you recall that Danielle and Casey had more than one number? That’s because this model allows for you to inhabit more than one type, because people are, like, complicated.

So how do I find out mine? You can take a free Enneagram quiz online here (it’s pretty short, actually).   

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