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“The pill is 99.9 percent effective when taken perfectly, but who’s perfect?” reads the Emme Smart Case’s fact sheet. Um, not us, and apparently not most people when it comes to taking birth control pills. According to the brand, 80 percent of women miss at least one pill every month. That can lead to unpleasant side effects from doubling up on pills the next day and even unwanted pregnancy if you forget to take multiple pills. Yikes.

That's why the Emme Smart Case was born. Unlike the low tech blister packs that your pills come in, this case is able to tell whether or not you actually take your pill at a set time each day. All you have to do is slip your pack into the case (it’s made to be compatible with over 100 different brands of birth control pills), download the free Emme app and it’ll begin tracking. Oh, and don’t forget to charge your case with the included USB cord before you get started, of course.

OK, so how does it work? After you enter the time you typically take your pill in the Emme app, it’ll automatically start sending you a quippy pop-up notifications to take your pill at that time like ‘is it just us, or does now feel like the perfect time to take your pill?’ That’s right, no more jarring iPhone alarms. The sleek case has multiple sensors that are able to detect whether you take a pill out. Once you do, it’ll record the date and time you took it in the app. And if you don’t see the notification pop up, no worries. You can set up the Emme app to send you two more reminders later on to ensure that you don’t miss a pill. If for some reason you miss those reminders too, the app will give you advice on what to do when you miss a pill.

Even cooler? If you’re traveling, the app has automatic time zone adjustments and updates your reminders accordingly so you never have to do that mental math again.

TBH, our only complaint is that this case didn’t exist sooner.

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