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Sunscreen is always a must. Not only does it protect against painful burns (and the long-term damage that comes with them), but it?s also one of the most effective measures you can take to prevent premature aging.

Still, it?s kind of a hassle to apply (and, err, reapply), which is why we were excited about UVO?s drinkable sunscreen. Yup, you read right.

Wait, what is it? Each orange-and-peach-flavored bottle has over 30 antioxidants and vitamins purported to protect your skin from sun damage. Just down it half an hour before you head outside and get up to five hours of protection.

So does it really work? The verdict is still out. Research has been limited, although initial testing has shown good results. But it was formulated by a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon (who presumably know a thing or two about the topic).

Bottom line: At just under $10 for two bottles, it?s certainly worth a swig if you?re curious. With immunity-boosting and skin-plumping vitamins, it?s not a bad supplement to your trusty bottle of Coppertone. And hey, it?ll help you stay hydrated in the heat.

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