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If you’ve ever written a lengthy to-do list (only to completely ignore it in favor of, oh, anything else), we’ve got a new idea. Next time, try drawing it.

A new study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that people were more likely to remember--and in turn complete--annoying tasks when they drew a picture of the to-do in action.

Here’s why: The act of drawing requires you to really consider the task at hand. (For instance, you’ll realize that cleaning the kitchen means scrubbing the floor, washing the dishes and taking out the recycling.) And it requires you to use your tactile and motor skills putting pen to paper. In other words, you’re spending much more time committing it to memory, thereby further investing yourself in it.

So break out those colored pencils and go to town. Draw the laundry basket, the stack of utility bills, the registration for your kid’s summer camp. If you can draw it, you most assuredly can do it. (Or, OK, pass it off to your husband.) 

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