I Tried dosist Topical Relief on Everything from Neck Strain to Yoga Thighs, and Here’s What Happened

Like so many wellness enthusiasts, I’m kind of reckless with my impulsive fitness whims. Nice afternoon? Why not run a few miles (even though I’m an inconsistent jogger at best)? Join a friend for hot yoga? Sure, it’s been a year-and-a-half since my last class, but let’s try level 2. Early morning hike? So what if there’s a steep incline! What could possibly go wrong?

A few hours later, here’s what went wrong…feet throb, shoulders ache, thighs biochemically signal my brain snippets such as ah, hell no. And, full disclosure, exercise isn’t the only ache bringing me down— hunching over a screen means I’m plagued with recurring tech neck pain. Since a person can devote only so many hours to soaking in a hot Epsom salt bath, I looked to targeted comfort from the new advanced CBD+ dosist topical relief products—and the experience was so different from any other muscle rub I’ve tried.

dosist topical relief

So, What is Dosist Topical Relief?

The complete suite of dosist health topical solutions is specifically designed with the aim of helping to relieve pain associated with general muscle soreness and minor sports injuries or simply nagging pain from the stresses of everyday life. These contain cannabinoids—today’s hot plant-based wellness ingredients—but dosist topical relief products only use cannabinoids that seek to help aches and pains with no THC (the psychoactive part of the hemp and cannabis plant).

dosist topical CBD+ relief products include a lotion, a roll-on and a performance spray oil, each with specific formulations for targeted benefits. The lotion, for example, is designed for overall coverage of general aches and pains (in my case, my tech neck), while the roll-on could be used for specific twinges (those forearms after a few too many downward dogs). The performance spray-on oil formula includes dosist’s nanoblend technology that was designed with the performance athlete in mind, or in my case, when I come out of the shower after an intense cycling sesh.

How Are These Different from Other Muscle Ache Products (Including Other Cannabinoids)?

First off, these products are a different breed entirely from what you’ll find in your drugstore pain relief aisle. dosist topical relief utilizes the game-changing power of multiple cannabinoids—non-psychoactive but completely powerful plant extracts that neurobiologists have found are useful in wellness regimens. There’s CBD, the “catalyst cannabinoid” that studies have shown inhibits inflammation and pain when applied to the skin. Also, these blends include CBG, aka cannabigerol, which is believed to have a regulating effect on the body’s pain management system. And finally, the performance spray oil also contains CBC, the so-called “inflammation cannabinoid,” which is thought to assist with physical recovery. Added bonus: These CBD+ formulas also include the active pain-relieving plant ingredients such as capsicum, menthol and arnica and given their high concentration, I found I just needed one application for an achy area, without reapplying large amounts.

Am I Going to Smell Like Weed? Or a Eucalyptus Air Freshener?

dosist not only sought to improve the effectiveness of topical pain relief, but also the pleasure in using it. Absent is the heavy terpene, weedy scent that I’ve experienced with other topical CBD products, nor is there the overpowering aroma of camphor or eucalyptus that I’ve dreaded with drugstore muscle balms. dosist topical relief’s lotion and roll-on leave no aura of fragrance, only a faint scent that smells clean. The performance spray oil carries the faintest trace of menthol—but nothing like the dreaded scent of a gymnasium locker room.

Which One is Right for Me?

Here’s what was great about my experience with dosist topical relief—I applied the roll-on post-workout, then again after showering, then went to sleep, and when I woke up the next day, it’s as though my muscles forgot to be sore. And the lotion is my new desk go-to for my aching hands and neck throughout the day, as well as applying before my end-of-day foot massage with my spiky massage ball. And the performance spray oil—well, I’m not a performance athlete, but I’ll be using that this summer when I undertake mileage training for a post-pandemic half-marathon I’m planning (or at least vision boarding). I’m looking forward to enjoying more wellness with less ache this season, as long as I remember to treat myself to dosist relief and a healthy lifestyle.

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Disclosure: Any claim in this article has not been reviewed by the FDA. dosist is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

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