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Does Crystal Healing Really Work? I Tried It to Find Out

Crystals are everywhere—from home decor to your favorite massage center, where they’re being used as a holistic health tool. So what’s the deal with this hokey-sounding therapy known as crystal healing? Does it really work? We booked ourselves a session so we could answer all your burning questions. 

Why are we hearing so much about crystal healing these days?

Our increasingly fast-paced and demanding lifestyles have left a lot of people feeling unhealthy and unhappy. So pseudoscientific wellness trends like crystal healing are attracting attention to calm us in ways previous generations’ go-tos—say, scotch and cigarettes—do not. (Still, shout-out to perennial panacea Chardonnay.)

How do you even find a crystal healer?

There’s no state licensing for crystal healers, and you can’t judge by their school diploma, say, like you would for your tax lawyer. The best way to find one is by personal referral. I met the costume designer-turned-crystal healer Azalea Lee at a crafts fair and loved her. But she’s currently on hiatus, so I turned to Aimee Bello, a friend’s yoga teacher.

What does a crystal healing session entail?

At Bello’s hilltop Topanga Canyon studio, she had me sit down in a comfy chair and tell her what I knew about crystals (um, they’re pretty?) and what I hoped to achieve through our session (for me, energy without my afternoon caffeine fix, and maybe a way to manage daily stress). She told me that crystals are a way of unblocking the natural energy currents that run through our bodies, and that different crystals are linked to each of the seven chakras, energy centers lined up in our body from our head to our toes. She asked me take a moment and tell her three words that I wanted to meditate on in our sesh. In response to major anxiety over family illness and parenting issues, I found myself saying patience, kindness and compassion.

OK, so when did the crystals come in?

I lay down, fully clothed, on a white-draped massage table while a recording of ocean waves played. I closed my eyes and heard Bello deeply inhaling and exhaling, walking around the table while placing crystals on me. I didn’t see which stones she chose, but felt her place small ones in each of my hands and felt lozenge-sized ones balanced on my forehead, collarbone area and stomach.

Did you find out which crystals she used? And for what reasons?

Yes, after the session she explained what each was, where she put them and why. There was a smooth rose quartz, a stone believed to open the heart to love, which she put on my heart. There was cloudy blue sodalite on my throat area, since it’s supposed to increase communication and promote harmony. In each of my hands, she’d placed balancing, spiritually cleansing clear quartzes. 

So…did you feel anything?

That was what was so weird—I had a sensation of warmth that spread from my chest to the rest of my body when Bello placed her hands on my collarbone, and unlike when I am usually lying down, I didn’t immediately doze off but instead felt a sort of restful alertness. Maybe it’s because I was mimicking Bello's breath, or maybe it was the crystals. After about 45 minutes, and back in the chair, I was smiling, feeling like I’d taken a deep nap without the leftover groggy sensation.

How much was all this?

For a 60-minute session, $60. Bello also offers 90-minute sessions for $90, which I’d definitely consider since I felt an almost buzzing calm after and am curious to know what a longer session would yield. Afterward, when I drove down the winding hillside road back to my office, I wasn’t craving my usual afternoon coffee or diet soda, and instead felt rested, optimistic and capable. Since I’m usually frustrated by looming deadlines and overdue errands, this attitude shift alone was a total win. The next few days, I noticed less of a knot in my shoulder and that I was standing straighter. 

So, do you have the crystals to thank?

While I can’t be sure it was the crystals, I’m totally sold on how I experienced the session and would definitely go back again. If you’re equally curious and open-minded, I think you could also have a positive experience.

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