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This Is Why You Never Get a Good Night’s Sleep in Somebody Else’s Bed
SquaredPixels/Getty Images

You always get the worst night’s sleep at your in-laws, but according to a recent study (and your defensive mother-in-law) it’s actually not because their guest bed is uncomfortable.

Yep, new research from Brown University says that the minute your head hits the pillow in an unfamiliar locale, the left hemisphere of your brain kicks into overdrive and becomes a mini-surveillance system, equipped to keep tabs on all the things that go bump in the night.

The worst part is it remains in this state of wakefulness pretty much the entire time you’re trying to sleep, even though the right side of your brain is telling the left side to quit feeling anxious and let you snooze. 

There is an upside: Your brain’s asymmetry apparently only occurs on the first night in a different bed. This means that after one restless night’s slumber, you’ll nod off like a baby on day two. (Even on your MIL’s futon.) 

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