Dial Soap Is Donating 600K Products to Charity, and They Want to Know: Who Do You Wash Your Hands For?

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It’s not much of a stretch to say that these days, washing your hands goes way beyond personal hygiene and straight into social responsibility. Because if there’s one thing the global pandemic has proven, it’s that the small habits you employ on a daily basis make a world of difference.

Dial, America’s longtime go-to for hand soaps and body wash, is doubling down on their mission with a social media movement to spread community, strength and hope by asking one simple question: Who do you wash your hands for?

Their #IWashMyHandsFor campaign encourages consumers to share photographs of their hands along with the name of person they wash their hands for. Dial wants this seemingly simple gesture to be recognized for the act of love it really is. And, in some pretty exciting news, they’ve joined forces with Jenna Dewan to help spread the word. Check out Dewan's sweet Instagram post where she explains why she's down for the cause, and that her family is the reason she takes a simple 20 seconds at the sink do her part.

“It is our role at Dial to continue teaching lifelong healthy hygiene habits, and providing the tools to do so,” says Randi Melton, Vice President of Body Care for Henkel (Dial’s parent company). “As a family brand, it’s important to maintain a sense of closeness and connection with others during this time. Through the #IWashMyHandsFor campaign, we’re aiming to encourage more joy and hope, while also promoting proper hand hygiene,” explains Melton.

In order to make a direct impact and encourage people to look forward to connecting IRL in the future, Henkel has launched a Global Solidarity Program that will support employees, customers and communities affected by COVID-19. As part of this, Dial has committed to donating a whopping 600,000 units of their products to charity during the fight against COVID-19.

So, the next time you sing the Happy Birthday song while sudsing up at the sink, take a moment to think about the people in your life any why they are important to you. Is it your grandmother? Maybe it’s your brother, a nurse helping every day on the frontlines, or your best friend whose source of income is suffering. Then, share it on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (hey, why not TikTok? You know you scroll for hours, anyway) using the hashtag #IWashMyHandsFor in solidarity with those who are fighting to eradicate the spread. Because doing your part is something to be immensely proud of—now more than ever.

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