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With the sun soaking up that wild Sagittarius energy, and Mercury in retrograde for most of the month, it’s a colorful holiday season ahead of us, gals. Astrologer Bess Matassa shares the cosmic forecast for December.  

8 Sagittarius  

Happy birthday, Sag! Feel that lift? That’s the weight of serious Saturn leaving your sign after a long two-year stint. Use this moment of cosmic lightness to reclaim your adventurous spirit and get back out there in the world. Saying yes to things outside of your comfort zone (think: a surprising invitation or a public speaking engagement) is a great place to start. Make “in with the new” your New Year's resolution.


Believing in your own competence is great and all, but recently your self-assurance has been coming across as grumpy martyrdom. (Yes, we get it: You made the kids’ lunches because you’re the only one who can cut the crust right.) With Venus entering Sagittarius in your zone of dreamy surrender on the second, consider this your green light to release and step back. (Your hub can handle sandwich-making and Christmas shopping—honest.) Making peace with delegation is the secret to your success.

10 Aquarius  

These days, all you want to do is curl up in your flannel jammies. (We hear ya.) But remember how excited the prospect of a night on the town used to make you? With the full moon lighting up your zone of romantic play on the third, it’s time to inject that youthful glow into your life again. In a committed relationship? Revisit the dive bar where it all started. Dating? Swap a boring dinner for something playful (immersive theater, perhaps?). This excitement will light a fire under your bum professionally by the ninth, opening up an exciting new career direction for January.

11 Pisces  

As a sensitive fish, you’re cosmically programmed to think of others. But recently you’ve been giving too much of your time—particularly to one emotionally needy friend or lover—and you’re feeling drained. With Chiron stationing direct in your sign on the fifth, acknowledge where you’ve been overextending yourself, and pull back. The busyness of the holiday season (“sorry, I have family in town!”) will allow you to do so without ruffling feathers.

12 Aries  

Your fiery energy is the envy of the zodiac. But sometimes, like when you blaze past others on your way to the top, it’s also the annoyance of the zodiac. When your ruler, Mars, enters your sign on the ninth, use this as an opportunity to really check in with your partner (think: a date night where you dive deep), and to touch base with colleagues with whom you share resources. Remember, stars shine brightest when they lift others up with them.

1 Taurus  

As a grounded earth sign, you prioritize comfort above all else. But recently you’ve become so comfortable (hey, getting into bed at 9:30 p.m. on Friday) that malaise has set in. How to boost inspiration? First, take stock of the company you keep. When Mars enters your zone of partnerships on the ninth, look for inspiration from the mentors in your life. Maybe coffee with your old boss. Or a long-overdue phone call with an older relative halfway across the country.

2 Gemini  

Like a helium balloon gone rogue, your air sign energy flits about until it fizzles. And yup, after this crazy-pants fall, you’re feeling like you’re running on fumes. Your mission? Notice the things in your life that are zapping your energy. Perhaps a toxic friend who’s sucking you dry? Or an extra-curricular that isn’t proving as enriching as you’d hoped? With Chiron stationing direct in your zone of public roles on the fifth, it’s time to pull away from anything that doesn’t serve you.

3 Cancer  

Putting your head before your heart has never come easy to you, but it’s time to separate yourself from your emotions and take a good, hard look at the ways they’re holding you back. Are you staying at your crappy job because you love your coworkers? Are you putting up with your spouse’s lack of romance because you don’t want to hurt his feelings? With sobering Saturn entering your zone of partnerships on the 19th, it’s restructuring time. Put your maternal instincts aside and be brave enough to ask for what you need.

4 Leo1  

With all that cosmic Sagittarius action (new moon, sun, Venus) happening in your house of romance and play, it’s a mighty fun month to be a Leo. Your challenge? Enjoy the present without getting five steps ahead of yourself. (Make a new pal without worrying if she’ll jive with your friend group. Have fun on a third date without planning your future wedding.) When power planet Mars shifts into your zone of home and roots on the ninth, a silly and indulgent opportunity will come your way.

5 Virgo  

For you, over-analytical Virgo, thoughts of former mistakes tend to play like a loop in your head. But these lingering storm clouds have no place in the delight of the holiday season. With Chiron direct in your house of partnership on the fifth, it’s time to finally move past a grudge you’re holding toward your partner or address an old wound that’s been keeping you up at night. Perhaps a chat with your estranged friend? Or a peacemaking effort with your ex? Face to face is always best.

6 Libra  

As the scales of the zodiac, you can’t help but crave balance and harmony. Trouble is, that often comes at the expense of what you really need. When serious Saturn moves into Capricorn on the 19th, it’s time to stop the people pleasing and draw a major line at work or at home. (Nope, you can’t keep picking up your co-worker's unfinished projects; nope, you can’t keep picking up your husband’s dirty underwear.) Coupled with your gentle nature, this authoritative tone will help you hone your leadership skills.

7 Scorpio  

Introspective hemming and hawing is your cross to bear, but this month is all about more doing, less thinking. With good luck Jupiter in your arena of dreamy surrender on the second, trust your gut instincts around something you’ve been desiring—whether that’s a person, thing or activity. (Hi, adult a capella group you keep thinking of joining.) Look before you leap? So 2017.