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Count Bites (Not Calories) to Lose Weight

Counting calories: a generally effective way to lose weight but also an immensely annoying undertaking. (Who can possibly know how many calories are really in that leftover slice of veggie lasagna?)

A similarly effective but much easier method? Bite counting.

Tracking the amount of bites we take each day might help reduce caloric intake with very little extra thought, according to a new study by the Department of Health Science at Brigham Young University.

To try it, record the number of times you chew and swallow all food and drinks (except water) every day for about a week. Participants in the study said, at that point, counting and tracking became almost second nature. (We’re doing it in our phone’s Notes app right now.)

After establishing a baseline, aim to cut the number of times you chew by about 20 percent. (Note: That doesn’t mean you can just chew the same amount of food less.) Even if you don’t set a particular goal, the study suggests that simply being more aware of your eating leads to a reduction in the amount you’re consuming. And a reduction in dress size.

Mindfulness: It’s not just good for your brain.

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