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Connor Huff

Connor Morgan Huff is a health & fitness expert and the force behind, an influential modern health and fitness site. Connor fell in love with fitness after college while working a full time job in pharmaceutical marketing. She found fitness as an escape from the daily grind and an avenue to set goals and work to reach them. Connor has been a top finisher in NPC fitness competitions and was a featured competitor in Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Connor also has extensive experience working with brands like Quest Nutrition, Nutrishop, Muscle Pharm, Sweet Sweat, Lenny & Larry's, Puma and Adidas. She also collaborates with musicians and features their music in her Instagram workout clips. Beyond fitness, Connor has a love for travel and holistic nutrition and has aspirations to become a holistic dietitian. 

📍Summer Fit Tips article with @drinkkra .🆕➡️Tag 3 friends below⬇️⬇️. . . Connor Huff, also known as MixedMorgan on Instagram, Sports Nutritionist and Modern Health and Fitness Influencer Gives Tips for Maintaining Your Hard-Earned Summer Body 1. Summertime heat is very real, especially ‪from 11 am to 3 pm‬. Working out in the morning before your day starts or winding down with a run after clocking out can make a big difference in how your body handles the heat. Don't forget to wear light colored clothing to reflect the heat and make sure you are wearing a good, dry fit material to help absorb the sweat. . . 2. Stay hydrated! Electrolytes and water are key to restoring your body's nutrients and maintaining your energy. Alkaline water and USDA certified organic, all natural sports drinks like KRā can give you an extra boost and ensure you stay hydrated during the warmer summer months. Don?t wait for your body to tell you to drink something, its already too late by then - be proactive and drink fluids before, during and after your workouts. . . 3. Even though our bodies are warmer in the summertime, it's still important to properly warm-up before your workout to decrease chances of an injury. Three series of ten jumping jacks, lunges and squats is a great full body warm-up and will ensure your muscles are ready to safely endure your workout. . . 4. Summer is for travel and having fun, so don?t feel bad for consuming a cheat meal from time to time. I recommend opting for a "salty" cheat meal rather than something sugary. Sugar sticks to the body (especially our abs!) and is a lot harder to work off. After your cheat meal be sure to drink lots of water and hit the gym hard the next day to put those extra calories to use! . . 5. We all crave frozen treats in the summer, so instead of a high calorie frozen cocktail or ice cream, try a frozen fruit smoothie. Since fruit has a lot of natural sugar its best to enjoy your smoothie in the morning or afternoon when your body is burning the most calories.

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