Connor Huff

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Connor Morgan Huff is a health & fitness expert and the force behind, an influential modern health and fitness site. Connor fell in love with fitness after college while working a full time job in pharmaceutical marketing. She found fitness as an escape from the daily grind and an avenue to set goals and work to reach them. Connor has been a top finisher in NPC fitness competitions and was a featured competitor in Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Connor also has extensive experience working with brands like Quest Nutrition, Nutrishop, Muscle Pharm, Sweet Sweat, Lenny & Larry's, Puma and Adidas. She also collaborates with musicians and features their music in her Instagram workout clips. Beyond fitness, Connor has a love for travel and holistic nutrition and has aspirations to become a holistic dietitian.

Grace Beuley Hunt

Home Editor

From 2014-2019 Grace Beuley Hunt held the role of Home Editor covering interior design, styling, trends and more.
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