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Like brushing our teeth and washing our hands, wearing deodorant is one of those body things that’s completely necessary and absolutely everybody needs to do…or do they? It’s time to break down five common deodorant myths.

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1. Once you find one you like, you can stick with it forever
Huh, we had no clue. Turns out you can become immune to deodorant as your body adapts to find away around being forced to sweat less. That means it’s advisable to switch up your deodorant every six months or so.

2. Men and women need to use their respective deodorants
Stop trying to put us in boxes! Actually, the active ingredients in men’s and women’s deodorants are the same, meaning they’ll work the same. The only difference is in the packaging (think Icy Strong versus Pretty Peony).

3. Everyone needs deodorant
Weird as it is, some people have a gene, ABCC11, that makes it so they don’t smell. Even weirder is how you find out if you’re one of the lucky ones: If you feel your earwax (stay with us) and it's dry and flaky as opposed to kind of sticky or slimy, you might also lack the chemical in your armpits that bacteria feed on to cause odor.

4. “All day protection” really lasts all day
Scanning the shelves in the store, we’re often faced with packaging that boasts “all day protection.” Hate to break it to you, but for a brand to say that, it only has to reduce sweat by 20 percent, per the FDA requirements. “Extra strength” products have to reduce sweat by 30 percent.

5. You should put deodorant on every morning
You’ve got it backward. You should really be applying deodorant every night before you go to sleep. Reason being, antiperspirant clogs sweat ducts to stop moisture from escaping your body. When you put it on at night (when skin is drier and sweat glands are less active), you give it more time to do said clogging.

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