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It’s a sad but true law of the universe that all it takes is one busy week to throw your entire workout routine out of whack. One day, you’re nailing those downward dogs and uphill sprints; then a major deadline hits and suddenly it’s been a month since you’ve been to the gym. Never fear, we’ve got six classes to ease the pain of reestablishing your workout regimen.

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rock climbing

Beginners Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders

Scaling the walls until you’re 20 feet above the ground will fill you with enough adrenaline to totally forget that this counts as exercise. In the beginners’ session, a certified instructor will walk you through climbing techniques, rope skills, knots and more.

100 S. Morgan St.; 312-268-0002 or

fluid running

Fluid Running

Deep-water running throws your muscle memory off in the best way possible. The added resistance of a belt and the water itself means you’ll add a layer of strength training to an already rigorous cardio routine. Extra points for having virtually no impact on your joints.

YMCA locations around the greater Chicago area

ciyt strong
City Strong

City Strong

Add a side of celeb-spotting to your workout and you’ll hardly notice you’re sweating at all. This Sunday, celebrity trainers Erin Oprea and Shawn Booth (yes, that’s the winner from season 11 of The Bachelorette) will lead an outdoor class overlooking Lake Michigan. Kaitlyn Bristowe, also of The Bachelorette, will be there owning the DJ booth.

31st Street Harbor;


WERQ at MaZi Dance Studios

Good tunes are essential when aiming for an actually enjoyable workout. Luckily, WERQ classes incorporate all of your favorite pop and hip-hop songs into a 60-minute class that is pretty much one huge dance party. Look out, you might just be the next contestant on So You Think You Can Dance.

Multiple locations

Chrome City PR/CHI50

CHI50 at CHI50

If it’s good enough for Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian, it’s good enough for us. This boutique Bucktown studio specializes in the Lagree Method, which incorporates strength training, cardio and Pilates into the 50-minute CHI50 classes.

1814 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773- 661-6132 or

Lincoln Park Title Boxing Club

Boxing at Title Boxing Club

Can you say stress relief? There’s nothing like aggressively attacking a giant bag of sand to really dissipate any lingering anger you had over a work slight, relationship misunderstanding or the breakup of Brangelina. It’s OK: We’re hurting, too.

2417 N. Clark St.; 773-327-7500 or

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