Chelsea Williams

Meet the wellness blogger following a strictly plant-based lifestyle

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After being diagnosed with Graves’ disease and hypothyroidism, Chelsea Williams made a decision in 2012 that turned her life around: She transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle. Now, the foodie, wellness guru and green-beauty enthusiast teaches others how to do the same on her lifestyle blog, We caught up with her about the best ever in Washington, D.C., and the wellness trends she’s into right now.

On her perfect day in D.C. “I’m actually such a homebody, but when I do go out, I’m all about Sunday brunch with friends. Equinox Restaurant has great vegan options. During the summer months, Jazz in the Garden is a must. I also love sipping matcha lattes from Maketto or shopping in Union Market. And when I need to escape the city, Great Falls Park is the perfect spot to recharge.”

On the items she always has in her purse. “I never leave the house without my black winged liner. I tight line my lower and upper lids, and it immediately wakes up my whole face. I also always carry Osmia Organics Spot Treatment. It’s a powerful blend of essential oils that combats bacteria and noticeably diminishes the appearance of blemishes. When I see a pimple forming, I apply it immediately. I also always have fruit in my bag—dried or fresh—so I don’t get hangry. Apples and Artisana Organicsraw nut butter squeeze packs are a staple. I also really love Navitas Organics snack bars.

On a wellness hack she swears by. “Lately, I’m really into tongue scraping. It’s basically the practice of removing bacteria from your tongue. It has completely transformed by dental health. It’s also very inexpensive, which means anyone can do it.”

On the best piece of advice she’s ever received. “Invest in yourself first.”