Watching Cat Videos Actually Makes You More Productive

We're not kitten-ing around

You’ve been cranking away at work since 9 a.m. By mid-afternoon--and maybe after a little too much Chipotle--you could seriously use a nap, or at least a break. Well, good news: watching all those hilarious cat videos (and we know you are) could actually be recharging your brain.

According to a recent study from the University of New South Wales, humor might just be the ticket to boosting your productivity when you can feel your energy draining.

To test this theory, study participants were asked to complete two separate--and totally tedious--tasks. Researchers found that the group that watched a short and LOL hilarious video clip between monotonous assignments were able to concentrate twice as long on the second assignment than groups that watched neutral video clips.

So, consider this your signed permission slip to laugh at Catnip Everdeen helping out with the laundry while you’re on the clock. That fourth espresso wasn’t helping, anyway.