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How Cancer Season Will Affect Your Sex Life (Hint: There Will Be More of It)
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Cancer season is already upon us and chances are you’ve already felt its intense, emotional energy in all aspects of your life—especially in the areas of sex and love.

Given that Cancer is all about intimacy and sensitivity, it should come as no surprise that this year’s hyper-charged Cancer season (lunar eclipses and Mercury retrograde—oh my!) has the ability to totally reinvigorate your love life.

From now until July 22, those in relationships should focus on finding new ways to excite yourself and your partner, while those who aren’t should focus on making sure they’re getting their own needs met—and not letting the desire for intimacy rope you into so-so sex. Even the least adventurous among us might find ourselves open to new things, whether it be a toy, position or just getting to it at a-typical time of day. (Morning sex, anyone?) While each sign will connect with Cancer season differently, the message is clear: Don’t knock it ’til you try it…and those boots are knocking.

Here's how each sign's sex life will change with Cancer season.


Cancer is in your 4th House of Foundations, meaning communication is key for you this season. You need to ask yourself one question: Are you really communicating your needs in the bedroom? Expressing your sexual preferences can be intimidating, but the results can be mind-blowing. Any partner worth their salt will be happy to hear what gets you off, and you can cut the runway time between “getting to know each other” and “best sex I ever had” in half (just don’t tell your mom). By communicating your needs, you’re setting an example for your partner to communicate their needs, helping you both have the best sex possible. Who doesn’t want that?


You’re not usually one for spontaneity or adventures, but Cancer in your 3rd House of Connection is going to ask both of you…and more. If you’re in a relationship, let yourself be open to new, slightly risky sexcapades with your partner. A little footsie during that public picnic could be just enough to re-ignite the spark in your relationship. For the single Tauri among us, be open to a fun and sexy encounter with someone you already know. Cancer’s super-sensitive energy might help you pick up on some vibes you’d been ignoring within your social circle, and it’s your job to set aside anxiety and let those sparks fly. Who knew great sex was already hiding in your group chat?


Most of Cancer season’s energy is focused in your 2nd House of Finances, Gemini, but that doesn’t mean your sex life can’t profit! You’re likely to experience a windfall of cash over the next month, so why not set aside at least some of that to splurge on some sexy lingerie, or a high-tech new toy? As an added bonus, you can lean into Cancer season’s expect-the-unexpected energy by surprising your partner with your new purchase when they get home. You’ll definitely find that it was money well spent.


Happy birthday, Cancer! The Sun is in your House of Self meaning this season is all about you! Being that it is your time to shine, it should be no surprise that you’re kind of feeling yourself right now. Lucky for either your long- or short-term partner, because all of this Cancer season glow is going to have you ready to show off your...ahem...talents. Get ready to be the star of all your romantic encounters this month, and yes that does mean putting on a show. Don’t be shocked if you find you have a secret talent for strip tease or lap dancing. Just make sure your partner knows you can’t perform every night. Even Broadway takes Monday off.


A solstice sun in your 12th House of Spirit means that self-sabotage and shame have no place in your bed this month, Leo! Cancer’s watery ways have you tuning into your deepest desires, and the only thing that stands between you and getting what you want is asking for it. You know that thing you’ve always wanted to try but thought was “too weird”? It’s not. If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is too weird, too taboo or too kinky for two consenting adults to do in private so get out there and do it! Who knows? You may even find a current partner has the exact same hidden interests as you do!


Cancer is moving into your 11th House of Teamwork, Virgo, meaning that now is the perfect time to work with someone to build the sex life of your dreams. Your pumps are primed for some intense emotional connection, so don’t be surprised if there is a weekend of marathon sex in your future, or a surprise sexy getaway. Because your brain is going to be so duo-centric, now is the time to hone in on one partner (if you don’t already have one) and find what makes them tick. Once the two of you are one-on-one under the covers, there’s no telling where the passion might take you.


Cancer is hanging out in your 3rd House of Career all month, Libra, but just because you can’t bring your sex life to the workplace, doesn’t mean you can’t bring your work ethic to your sex life. Are you leaning in to the bedroom? Are you the #GirlBoss of your own fantasies? Use your amped up ability to take charge in the boardroom to come home and take charge in the bedroom. Focus on powerful positions where you’re in charge and let your inner Dom shine. 


With Cancer in your 9th House of Expansion, your sex forecast is all about expanding your sexual palette—aka trying new things. This month go into your sexual encounters embodying the “D” in “DTF” by being down for anything. Check in with your partner about their fantasies and be open to trying them. They might suggest something that’s never crossed your mind but will soon become a new special on your sexual menu. With someone who’s got an appetite like yours, a new menu item is never a bad thing. And you can always order-in take-in after if you’re still famished. 


This Cancer season is going to be particularly sexually charged for you, Sagittarius, given that Cancer is right smack-dab in the middle of your 8th House of Intimacy. For partnered Sags, this means that you’re going to feel an intense desire to strengthen your bond with your partner. Setting some time for a sexy weekend getaway where you never leave the hotel, or an equally sexy staycation, could help serve all your intimacy needs. Single Sags will find themselves desirous of a deeper connection, making weekend hookups and one-night stands less satisfying overall. But worry not! Cancer’s sensitive, emotional energy means you’re more likely to connect with a person who can check all your boxes, both emotional and physical.


Capricorn is another sign that’s set for some major sexual energy this Cancer season, as the water sign makes its way into your 7th House of Partnership. Come August, your partners will be thanking you because Cancer’s energy has made you way more in tune to their needs, elevating both of your sex lives and qualifying you as a fantastic lover. Don’t be afraid to pay extra attention to your partner this month, as their desires might unlock hidden desires of your own. Besides, nobody was ever harmed by being too good at sex.


Cancer season has you being a bit of a homebody as it makes its way through your 6th House of Daily Duties, but that doesn’t mean a little sexual adventure isn’t also on your horizon. Focus on making sure your boudoir has everything needed for some overnight hosting, so when the opportunity does arise, you’re ready. Do you have condoms? Lube? Mood lighting? Making sure your living space is sex ready will let you show any guests you may have over that you not only have respect for their comfort, but also your impeccable taste in scented candles. That’s a two-for-one!


Cancer is directly in your 5th House of Fun and Romance, so expect exactly that! It’s imperative that you leave yourself open to fun and sexy experiences this month, because they will literally be busting down your door! You don’t have to take every new opportunity that arises (there will be many), but if a quick gut-check says that you’re into something, then try it! Worst-case scenario, it’s just another juicy story for the memoir.

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