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Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg are Co-Founders of Elevate the Globe, the spiritual lifestyle movement that is transforming the lives of so many people through their inspiration, online programs, and teachings. They are Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructors, high vibrational living experts, and best friends on a mission to elevate humans and make this world a more loving place. They have dedicated their lives to teaching people to raise the vibration of their energy and have created a collective movement that is elevating the globe.

march vision board journal ✨ a lot of you guys (especially our RISE UP babes) know we are super into practicing and teaching manifesting and we love vision boards. We have some crazy stories about our vision boards manifesting over the years and we make a lot of them, so we decided to share our March elevate the globe vision board with you guys and then we?ll share about the month and our manifestations in a recap it at the end of the month! We make a conscious effort to never judge or feel guilty about wanting anything- our desires are ours for a reason and we can all have anything we want if we believe we can. #believeandrecieve Make your own and tag us!! 💋 what are you manifesting this month? So here is what we are manifesting: Left to right, top down. 1. More massage and body work in our lives - as we grow Elevate the Globe and attract more opportunities and amazingness, we are realizing how much more self care we need (and we thought we had a lot 🤣)....we wonder how often Oprah gets massages? 🤔 2. Simple Acts of Kindness- we love giving back in lots of ways but sometimes it?s the simple ones that are the most fun and meaningful. More of these and having some done to use too 😉 3. Bali Yoga Retreat- We got sooo much response to our Bali podcast episode about hosting a retreat there and sooo we are manifesting this and it looking like it is going to be this summer (date finalizing this week) so if you want to come pm us and we will send you info!! 4. @shamandurek yes, he made the vision board and we are manifesting more connection, healing and friendship with this amazing human because who wouldn?t want that! He also represents more high vibrational friendships, podcast guests and attracting more collaboration and love in the form of people!! We love you SD 😘💕 5. Paddle Boards- we are manifesting owning paddle boards and more paddle boarding! We both love the cleansing, grounding feeling we get from being in the ocean and immersed in Mother Earth 🌏 and we are so grateful to live so close to the beach and we want to fully embrace that!! light to carry and beautiful @starboardsup ! (Cont in comments. #elevatetheglobe #monthlyvisionboard #visionboard

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👋🏼💨🌚TIME TO GET THINGS MOVING! Tonight we have a new moon in Capricorn! Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat 🐐and have you ever seen a mountain goat scale the side of a mountain balancing itself on ledges smaller than the size of it?s own hooves? Yea, it?s nuts and it?s equally impressive! Those mountain goats go after what they want and Capricorn energy is the same way. 👊🏼 I?s willful, it?s hard working, has lasting endurance, and doesn?t fuss with emotions but instead looks for solutions using the resources available. Here we are in archer pose 🏹 which helps to develop the 3rd chakra - your strength, will and courage, and helps to develop outstanding physical strength and stamina. Perfect for Cap season! 💃🏻So while the sun ☀️ and the moon 🌚 are in Capricorn giving us a double dose of this energy?4 other planets are also in Capricorn during this new moon - Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. That?s 6 planets generating massive wattage of Capricorn energy and showering the planet with it. New moons represent a whole new beginning and under the influence of Capricorn, we?re being asked to rise to the occasion. Time to get moving! This new moon supports new ventures (ex. Building a new business, starting a blog, creating a new art piece, building a new home, etc.) anything in the physical world that your soul is craving, that you love and would love to share from your heart with the world. Use this time to look around in your life, what is this for you? For me and Britt, it?s definitely our new podcast and membership site launching this month! We?re bringing our hearts ❤️ and souls into these two creative outlets and we want to share them with the world. What is it for you?! We?ll be sharing more about this new moon energy tomorrow in the 2nd part of our 3-part Elevate Your Year series, GLOW WITH VICTORY at 5:30am PST and we?ll be working on our aerobic capacity, our physical strength, and our stamina. So tonight charge your crystals and write out your new moon intentions, your ?Joy List?, with all the things that will bring you joy in 2018. We want to hear them tomorrow! Link to join is in our bio!👆🏼#newmoon #capricorn #elevateyouryear

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