The Super-Helpful Cancer Quiz Every Woman Should Take

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When it’s time for our yearly visit to the OB-GYN, our mind is always swimming with questions: Does my left boob feel normal? Is it cool that my period was shorter last month? Should I ditch the pill for an IUD?

And that doesn’t even cover the chat about our risk for breast and ovarian cancer. But unless you make an appointment with a geneticist and really break down your family history, that brief overview from your gyno can be a little vague and leave you with lots more questions.

So while it’s no substitute for a longer sit-down with your doc, we found this Assess Your Risk quiz by nonprofit cancer awareness group Bright Pink super helpful and straightforward—especially when we’re feeling a little confused about our breast and ovarian cancer risk.

Complete with cute graphics and a sleek design, the 19-question quiz asks about your family history, personal habits and nationality in order to determine your overall risk—the website then offers next steps for how to stay informed, depending on your specific needs.

Best of all, we’re now empowered to ask, like, 8 billion extremely smart questions at our next yearly exam.

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