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Typically the only glowing blue drinks we see are at the convenience store, sloshing around in a Big Gulp cup. So when we spotted rows of bright teal bottles chilling with the green drinks at our local juice spot, we were intrigued.

It turns out the suspiciously colored beverages are, in fact, good for you. And the aquatic hue comes not from artificial dyes, but from something called Blue Majik, a blue-green algae extracted from spirulina. The plant is packed with minerals like zinc and magnesium, vitamins E and B and C-phycocyanin, an antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory compound that supports healthy joints and fights free radical damage. 

Blue Majik comes in powder or capsule form, which makes it easier to add to your smoothies—or any other beverage (even your morning latte). Though it doesn’t taste like much on its own, it’s darn right delightful when mixed in with other ingredients (this one from Juice Generation has coconut water and pineapple juice). Plus, we swear there’s something magical about that vibrant shade.

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