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It’s at the top of our list along with paper cuts and stubbed toes: Having to hold your pee is one of the most annoying feelings, and it occurs all too often for us. Now there may be a solution that doesn’t involve skipping liquids when you go to see The Girl on the Train

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Botox injections in the bladder helped prevent frequent urination and incontinence. Yep, the same stuff that is injected into foreheads for smoother skin can also freeze the muscles of the bladder, keeping them from contracting involuntarily at inopportune moments. In other words, it might keep you from having to do the dance while waiting in line for the toilet. 

While most insurance companies don’t cover bladder Botox (yet), there may a glorious future on the horizon when we never have to set foot in a Porta-Potty.

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