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There?s a new water in town that?s healthier than the rest--yes, even your beloved coconut water. It?s called birch water, and unlike most other beverages, it can be sipped without guilt. Or bloat. Or cavities.

A naturally detoxifying drink that?s been consumed throughout Scandinavia and Eastern Europe for many years, birch water is made with one primary ingredient: naturally sourced birch sap. We?re talking straight from the tree, non-diluted and with no added sugar (which explains the low calorie count). Just pure birch water, which is every bit as refreshing as it sounds.

What it tastes like: Slightly sweet--kind of like maple syrup--but with a crisp, woody accent.

Why it?s awesome: In addition to being delicious, it?s loaded with xylitol, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that do everything from helping to reduce cholesterol to preventing cavities--while, of course, keeping you well hydrated.

Look for it at your local Whole Foods and other health stores. Or buy it online for $3 a bottle.

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