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Sure, we’d all like to work out more. But who can make that happen when the gym is so inconvenient and Netflix is Just. So. Convenient? The answer is closer than you think—literally. We’ve found the top workouts in ten Chicago neighborhoods to help make breaking a sweat a little more effortless.

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mazi dance fitness hip hop chicago workouts

Wicker Park: B-Girl Hip-Hop at MaZi Dance Fitness
Don’t be fooled. Dancing around your apartment does not prepare you for this fast-paced class. You’ll find yourself dripping in sweat, but also grinning from ear to ear as you channel your inner RiRi.

1564 N. Damen Ave.;773-799-8734 or

Bucktown: Hot Yoga Barre at Zen Yoga Garage
Deciding between yoga and barre can feel like having to choose between two beloved children—or two new pairs of fall boots. Don’t choose, have both. It’s possible, thanks to this heated class, which combines light weights, props and barre work with a yoga-style flow.

1845 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-227-7748 or

orange 60 chicago workouts

Wrigleyville: Orange 60 at Orangetheory
If you’re competitive, this class is for you. Strap on a heart-rate monitor, push yourself through the high-intensity intervals and watch the overhead monitors to see how you stack up against your fellow classmates.

3738 N. Halsted St.; 224-252-0242 or

Gold Coast: Pure Strength at Equinox
This is definitely not your average circuit-training class. In between planks, pull-ups and dead lifts, participants lift heavy weights—no fewer than 30 pounds—for short sets of six reps each. As a result, they build serious strength rather than just muscle endurance.

900 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-254-2500 or

soulcycle chicago workouts

Old Town: SoulCycle
When class lets out at the Old Town SoulCycle, you can hear the euphoric students around the block. Wondering what kind of indoor-cycling class inspires that level of enthusiasm? The only way to find out is to try the intensely motivational, butt-kicking workout set to infectious beats.

1225 N. Wells St.; 312-951-7685 or

West Loop: Shut Up and Flow at Bare Feet Power Yoga
If you’re the sort who is constantly toggling between email and Facebook and texts (and who isn’t these days?), then this is the class for you. The hour-long session kicks off with a series of sun salutations that keep you moving so rapidly, all those messages and alerts melt from memory. Dance-y, instrumental playlists add to the meditative effect.

1006 W. Monroe St.; 312-624-8068 or

title boxing 2 chicago workouts
Title Boxing Club/Facebook

Lincoln Park: Boxing 60 at Title Boxing Club

Talk about an hour of power. Once you’ve picked up the basics of boxing—from uppercuts to jabs—you’ll put them to work on 100-pound bags in rapid-fire rounds. Expect to work your entire body: arms, core, back and legs.

2417 N. Clark St.; 773-327-7500 or

Evanston: Core Fusion Barre at Exhale Spa
In this class you’ll do moves at the barre and on your matt to tone your arms and legs, chisel your waist and sculpt your butt. You worked hard, so follow it up with a massage from one of Exhale’s therapists for some next-level self-care.

1890 Maple Ave.; 847-440-0600 or

pilates at chaturunga fitness chicago workouts
Chaturanga Fitness Center

Hyde Park: Pilates at Chaturanga Fitness
If your greatest fear in life is gym snobs, this place is for you. The friendly, community vibe at this South Side fitness center will have you actually looking forward to working out in a 55-minute Pilates class. The schedule includes group mat and equipment classes as well as individual sessions.

1525 E. 55th St.; 773-358-2998 or

Edgewater: Water Fitness at Edgewater Athletic Club
The water fitness class provides a full-body workout that strengthens and tones with resistance and flotation equipment. It’s also low-impact, making it ideal for anyone with an injury. Indoor pools FTW. (Yep, even in the dead of winter.)

1040 W. Granville Ave.; 773-262-2455 or

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