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You’ve got an A-line strapless bridesmaid dress to don this weekend, which directly translates to: arm workouts. (Why would you care about your bootie or abs when they’re totally covered?) Whatever it is you’re toning up—and yes, that includes your headspace, too—there’s a class in Chicago to do it.

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FlyWheel Sports

Legs: Flywheel

We know, shocking—cycling creates glorious legs. But Flywheel stands out from all the other spin options. The upbeat tunes and positive instructors are infectious. And the TorqBoard, which shows how you’re performing compared with classmates, spurs you on to greater speed and strength. Legs for days? Try weeks.

Multiple locations;

chi50 joint chicago best workouts

Joints: All Levels at CHI50

Yes, it’s possible to get a kick-ass workout from The Lagree Method. Whether you have a knee injury or are just thinking about long-term joint health (in which case, good for you), CHI50 is the low-impact, high-impact workout you’ll want to try. The Megaformer classes combine Pilates, cardio and strength training. Don’t be intimidated by the Megaformers; they’re much more fun than they look.

1840 N. Milwaukee Ave.; 773-661-6132 or

equinox butt chicago best workouts

Butt: Best Butt Ever at Equinox

All about the ass-ets on the backside of your body? (Sorry.) Best Butt Ever fires up your glutes with a full arsenal of methods and props. Body weight, isometric and cardiovascular exercises get punched up with loop bands, weights and step platforms. We’re feelin’ ourselves.

Multiple locations;

barry s bootcamp abs chicago best workouts
Barry’s Bootcamp

Abs: Abs Class at Barry’s Bootcamp

Whether or not you’re thinking about wearing crop tops this summer, this class will give you more than just a good-looking physique. The high-intensity workouts build cardiovascular health and a stronger core, which helps mobility, balance and low back stability.

Multiple locations;

pure barre arms chicago best workouts

Arms: Pure Barre

Isometric exercises aided by a ballet barre and light weights to tone and lengthen your limbs does magic for toning. The tiny movements (when done right) will benefit your legs, butt and abs, but we’re in it for the approaching tank top weather. Suddenly, hauling groceries is no longer such a task...although we still prefer to have someone else do it.

Multiple locations;

room to breathe mind chicago best workouts

Mind: Yoga Nidra at Room to Breathe

You work out your body, why not your mind? Yoga nidra uses guided breath work and gentle stretching to cultivate an intention, such as relieving stress or nurturing joy. The name loosely translates to “sleep of the yogis,” which sounds absolutely divine, but you’ll find it listed as Guided Deep Relaxation.

25 E. Washington St.; 312-767-8404 or

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