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We?ve got good news and bad news. The good news? The weather is wonderful. The bad news? That means you have to dress accordingly. These killer Dallas workouts, paired with lots of green juice and fewer burgers, are the quickest way to shed pounds and shred muscles.  And hey, one-pieces are in style in the meantime.


City Surf Fitness

Dallas may be completely landlocked (sigh), but you can still surf your way to a killer body in both Uptown and Deep Ellum. There are seven signature classes that incorporate balance, yoga, barre, Pilates, strength training and cardio techniques. Yes, all on a surfboard. Cowabunga, dudettes!


Grit Fitness

Rave reviews have been coming in for Brittani Rettig’s approachable and fun fitness classes in East Dallas. The Grit Hit is short (only 30 minutes) but packs a big punch. Using six- to eight-pound medicine balls, a tabata-style interval circuit gets your heart pumping before you even realize what you’ve gotten yourself into.


Beyond500 Henderson

If you love mixing it up, try this class, which is all about Pilates hybrid interval training and burns 500 calories in one 50-minute session. Start with a nice burn in the hot seat, then do a little running on a self-propelled treadmill and finish up with strength-building weights. Bring water and a towel--you’ll need ’em.




All cycling classes are not created equal, and this one uses music, lights and adrenaline to create a killer sweat session. While we hate to pick favorites, any class led by Cristin or Valerie may go down in our workout hall of fame. And while the Park Lane studio is currently Dallas’s only Zyn22 location, Southlake and Uptown studios are coming soon.

The Pilates Barre

The Pilates Barre

After only 50 minutes on the BarreFormer, class attendees leave feeling longer, lighter and stronger. How’s that for a killer combo? The controlled moves can be catered to your body, which limits the intimidation factor, and there are studios in University Park, Devonshire, Southlake and Highland Village, so no one in DFW has an excuse not to get toned at this cult-favorite class.


Coming Soon: SoulCycle

We will forgive them for opening in Houston first. But seriously, Dallas is going nuts about the opening of SoulCycle in late May. This Preston Hollow cycling studio is sure to be packed with fitness freaks who want an amazing 45-minute workout that blasts 500 to 700 calories. Never heard of it? You have until the end of the month to familiarize yourself and avoid losing all workout credibility forever.

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