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Summer isn’t an excuse to forgo exercise in favor of barbecues and patio happy hours, but to be honest, the last place we want to be is stuck inside a hot and sweaty gym. So here are seven actually enjoyable workouts that can be done in the great outdoors.

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summer hoop1

Act Like a 10-year-old 

You might not be a kid anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do kid stuff. Head to a local park and create a quick circuit using the stuff there--like tricep dips on a bench or a good old monkey-bars run--for a killer upper body workout. Or, in your own backyard, borrow the kiddos’ Hula-Hoop and give it a spin to really engage your entire core.

summer tennis

Channel an Olympian

Sure, you’re not participating in this year’s Rio Olympics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own version at home. Sports like tennis and beach volleyball are terrific options for getting your sweat on while having fun. When playing with pals, up the stakes by thinking of a prize for the winner (like having the loser pay for the first round of rosé, perhaps?).

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summer swimming

Practice Your Breaststroke

Not super into team sports but still trying to get in on Olympics fever? Try swimming. It's one of the most effective forms of exercise out there; an awesome, low-impact option for people with bad backs or knees; and burns around 500 calories per hour. It's also way more refreshing than sweating it out on a track.

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summer hiking

Take a Hike

Hiking burns up to 400 calories per hour, depending on where you’re doing it and at what intensity. Either way, it’s a terrific opportunity to explore a new area and see some really beautiful sights while getting a workout in.

summer sup

Try Stand-up Paddleboarding

Yes, this looks crazy hard, but stay with us--it’s actually much more doable than you might think. The board is wide enough that you don’t have to be a super athlete, but you will get a major workout. Burning 350 calories per hour, stand-up paddleboarding works your upper back, legs, glutes and core, while improving your balance and coordination. On top of that, your workout is done in the middle of a body of water, which is pretty darn glorious.

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summer running

Go for a More Productive Run

Running on the beach is great for two reasons: The sand decreases the stress on your joints (compared with pavement), and it also adds an element of resistance training. Plus, jogging alongside water beats that treadmill by a landslide.

summer yoga

Do (Accidental) Bikram Yoga

No one wants to be cooped up in a hot yoga studio on a gorgeous summer day, so why not take your practice outside? (Let's be real: You're going to be drenched in sweat either way.) If it’s hot enough, you’re basically doing Bikram, just in the great outdoors.

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