The 31 Best Things We Learned This Decade

Not only is a new year right around the corner, folks, but 2020 also marks the tenth anniversary of PureWow! That’s right, it’s been ten years of beauty hacks and fashion trends (remember peplums?), technological advances and epic celebrity rises (looking at you, Meghan Markle.) Oh, and tips. Soooo many tips. Here are the 31 best things we’ve learned over the decade, in no particular order.

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best things learned this decade waist
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1. For starters, we learned how to wear high-waisted pants regardless of how long or short your torso is. May they never go out of style.

2. And how to eat a cupcake—because there is definitely a wrong way.

3. We learned that reusable straws are far superior to plastic.

4. And how to break in a fabulous new pair of heels, because blisters and strappy sandals just don’t mix.

5. We learned there’s actually a correct order for skin care products. (Who knew?)

6. And you can, in fact, unshrink a sweater.

7. We learned how to be the parent who builds the ultimate pillow fort.

8. But raise our children to be unspoiled too.

best things learned this decade sponge
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9. And that you have to wash your makeup sponges or things get gross fast. (Sorry.)

10. We now know you can use a banana for buffing a scuff out of leather (or faux-leather) shoes.

11. Or to whiten your teeth.

12. We learned how to ripen an avocado in a hurry. (Hint: You need a paper bag.)

13. How to stop getting junk mail for good.

14. And how to work out while pregnant—if that’s your thing.

15. We learned how to tidy by category, not location. (Thanks, Marie Kondo!)

16. And how to cut cheese of any shape or size. Think about it: how would you go at a wheel of Brie?

best things learned this decade tub
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17. We got the skinny on how to clean a bathtub with a grapefruit, because things get grimy in there.

18. And how to get your kids to finally stop hitting each other.

19. We got the scoop on getting rid of strawberry legs (and learned what they are).

20. We mastered the art of shutting down a toxic relationship simply by pretending to be boring.

21. We learned the right way to leave a job.

22. And the right height for hanging art. (Eye level, people!)

23. We now have the vocabulary to say no to being a bridesmaid.

24. And how to save major money when you can’t get out of it.

best things learned this decade wax
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25. We learned how to get a wax without the (embarrassing) breakouts.

26. How to clean our dishwasherwith baking soda. (We learned that we should, in fact, be cleaning our dishwasher.)

27. How to determine your ring size using a ruler, scissors and a piece of paper.

28. And that you can fix a smashed makeup compact, even if you think it’s beyond repair.

29. We now know how to make a gel manicure last an entire month.

30. And how to get sleek, straight hair without heat.

31. But most important, we learned how to be happier, smarter and more thankful every day. (Spoiler: It involves getting a good night’s sleep.)

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