I’ve Used a Sleep Mask Every Night for 5 Years. These Are the Best Ones for Different Sleepers

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When I was in college, I took an intro to geology class to fulfill my lab science requirement. One day, we went caving (spelunking, if you’re hard-core into rocks). When our class of reluctant 18-year-olds got to a point deep enough in the cave, our professor told us to turn off our headlamps. And whoa: I have never experienced darkness like this. Rihanna could’ve been two feet in front of my face with a sign that said “Let’s be best friends” and I would’ve missed the opportunity of a lifetime. My point? That’s how dark I like it to be when I sleep—so I’ve become something of a sleep mask connoisseur. Here, four of the best ones for every type of sleeper.

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slip silk sleep mask

The All-around Best: Slip Silk Sleep Mask

I’ve written about this mask before, and I’m still totally obsessed with it. Why? It’s made from 100 percent pure silk, so it’s supersoft and feels so good on your skin. Unlike many of the masks I’ve tried in the past, I can wear it for eight hours (or ten…) without it budging. It also doesn’t leave the dreaded hair indentation, and I never wake up with those telltale just-woke-up eye creases. Another plus: Apparently, the 100 percent pure silk prevents long-term wrinkles caused by tossing and turning all night. I can’t speak to the truthfulness of that yet, but if you find me in 20 years, I’ll confirm or deny.

lunya sleep mask

Best For Light Sleepers: Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Not only does this 100 percent silk eye mask block light, it also muffles sound, since its wider elastic band goes over your ears (not on top of them). I was definitely hesitant to try it, since I don’t love the feeling of sensory deprivation. Still, in the name of journalistic integrity, I gave it a shot and realized that, if you’re someone who has a hard time sleeping without total silence, this is great. I haven’t worn it on a plane yet, but I can imagine it’s wonderful for when you want to get a few z’s but that kid in 12B won’t shut up. It’s very comfortable, and the elastic is tight enough that it stays on all night without being too constricting.

nidra sleep mask

The Best Value: Nidra Deep Rest Contoured Sleep Mask

Does this look like a strapless bra you wear over your eyes? It sure does. But if you can get past the slightly awkward aesthetic, it’s actually a fabulous sleep mask option, especially if you don’t want to spend $50. This bad boy is specially designed with deeply molded cups that curve away from your eyes and eyelashes. It shields your eyes from light without compressing your face and eyes while you sleep. Another plus? Though I never (ever) go to sleep at night with makeup on, I do occasionally nap with makeup on. Because Nidra’s mask doesn’t actually touch my eyes, it’s perfect for taking a quick snooze without having to redo my mascara.

best sleep masks hill house home
hill house home

The Cutest: Hill House Home Heart Sunglasses Silk Eye Mask

This silk eye mask is pretty much identical to Slip’s in terms of quality and efficacy, but it’s also completely adorable. It’s comfy and it works—but most important, it lets you live out all of your Holly Golightly fantasies.

Buy it ($50)

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