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Early bird? Night owl? Neither? Decide what time of day you’re most energized and then choose to burpee yourself awake or cool down with some yoga after a long day of typing. No matter your schedule, there’s a fitness class that will work for you. Here’s how to burn calories—and work off that Thanksgiving dinner—morning, noon and night.

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ab scult at avant barre san francisco workouts
Avant Barre


AB Sculpt at Avant Barre
You’ll find a new kind of sore with this class, which strengthens and tones all over with an extra focus on the glutes, quads and core. Plus, the instructor choreographs each move to the beat of the music, so it’s almost like dance and sculpt in one. At only 45 minutes, it’s good motivation to get out of bed early.

592 Third St.; 415-735-1928 or

MX3 Fitness
Go first thing in the morning—before any daytime bloat sets in—because this studio has a 3-D body scanner that will evaluate your physique and help you set fitness goals. Your trainer will prescribe a custom workout (with a focus on strength training rather than cardio) and then track your progress with every session.

520 Waller St.; 415-577-4307 or

body rok san francisco workouts


Bar Method Express 
This one’s great for a lunch break because there’s minimal sweat but maximum effort. The fast-paced barre movement will have your muscles shaking for real. And because the class is only 45 minutes, you’ll be able to refuel with a poke bowl and still make it back to work on time.

3 Embarcadero Center, 415-956-0446; 3333 Fillmore St., 415-441-6333;

Classic Pilates Reformer work meets aerobic exercise in this super-high-intensity 40-minute workout. Your entire body will be working the whole time, and there’s a good chance you may feel the urge to sit some of it out. But hang in there—this studio will have you toughing through five-minute planks in no time.

1529 Haight St.;

power yoga at moxie san fracisco workouts


Sweat Strength 
East Bay folks, hit up this group class in Rockridge on your way home from work. The high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will have you moving from station to station for short bursts of time (and energy), pushing your muscles to the max. Plus, you get to tackle stations with a partner, so it’s a good alternative to happy hour with friends.

5410 College Ave., Oakland; 510-985-3005 or

Power Yoga at Moxie
Warning: These classes will make you sweat (a lot), so don’t come here expecting restorative yoga. The rooms are heated to about 75 degrees and the flow will really warm your core. But it’s all worth it for the Savasana cooldown—the perfect setup for a good night’s sleep when you get home.

Multiple locations;

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