We’ve all felt it—that uncomfortable sensation when walking through the parking lot late at night. Or that slight unease during an early morning jog around your neighborhood when the streetlights aren’t working properly. Here, five clever devices to help you feel safe (and help you kick some ass should the occasion arise).

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The Sound Grenade
Robo Copp

The Sound Grenade

Want a self-defense weapon but not quite ready to carry around a set of brass knuckles? This portable SOS alarm is simple yet effective. Activate it by removing the pin and an ear-piercing 120-decibel alarm will sound for 30 minutes (or until the pin is re-inserted), thereby scaring off attackers and grabbing the attention of anyone nearby. It’s lightweight and small enough to fit into the pocket of your tightest jeans. This handy device also works as an animal repellent (great for those weekend hiking trips).

The Sound Grenade ($20)

self defense zoomable flashlight 1
Women On Guard

Self Defense Flashlight

This is no ordinary flashlight—it basically has magical powers. Its powerful beam’s strobe function is strong enough to temporarily blind an attacker. It’s also made out of aircraft grade aluminum. Translation? It’s strong enough to be used as a self-defense baton if necessary.

Self Defense Zoomable LED Flashlight ($28)

Pepper Spray Key Ring
Sabre Red

Pepper Spray Key Ring

Hey, it’s a self-defense go-to for a reason. Spray in the direction of an attacker (up to ten feet away) and it will temporarily irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory system. We like this pepper spray in particular for its UV marking dye that can help authorities identify the assailant, and its useful how-to-use video. It’s worth noting that while using pepper spray is legal, there might be restrictions in your state, so check before you buy one.

Pepper Spray with Key Ring ($10)

BSafe app1

bSafe App

Leaving the bar early to walk home alone? Install the bSafe App on your phone first. Here’s how it works: You create a network of bSafe friends who can then follow you via GPS and receive alerts when you reach your destination. If you don't arrive where you’re supposed to, it’ll then send an SOS message to your designated contacts. Extra cool feature? You can also activate the alarm to automatically record audio and video from your phone, just in case you run into trouble. 

bSafe App (free)

My Kitty Plastic Self Defense Keychain
The Home Security Store

My Kitty Plastic Self-Defense Keychain

Your dad may have told you to place your key in between your fingers and punch if anyone tries to bother you, but this innocent-looking key ring takes the idea a step further. Just slip your fingers through the cat’s eyes and use the pointed ears to stop an assailant. It really puts the “ow” in “meow.” (Sorry.)

My Kitty Plastic Self-Defense Keychain ($8)

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