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Saying no to that after-work glass of rosé to go exercise instead is a little like choosing laundry over cuddling with your new puppy. But since summer is over, it’s high time to get back into a regular fitness routine. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best workouts by neighborhood. Because we all know that the closer you are to a class that is fun and kicks your butt, the more likely you are to actually go.

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SF workouts LIST1
MNT Studio


We found the most inspiring studio in the entire city. It’s so gorgeous that it makes us want to work out every single day. Yep, you read that right. With a schedule of Pilates, barre and yoga, we could take a different class each day of the week. Reformer classes are particularly challenging. You’ll beg for mercy after 50 minutes of nonstop core-focused work during Power Reformer. But MNT’s slow-flow yoga session will make up for it—you’ll stretch out any soreness under sunlight streaming through skylights.

766 Brannan St.; 415-863-3935 or

SF workouts LIST2
The Dailey Method


The downtown location of the Dailey Method may have a fresh new look, but it’s still the same kick-your-butt workout we love. Take the midday Dailey Barre class with co-owner Brittany Yohay, whose motivational spirit will have you giving every move your max. It brings a whole new meaning to power lunch.

121 Spear St., Rincon Center; 415-882-7404 or


We’ve all tried hot yoga before, and now there’s a new heated class in town. It takes the principles of classic Pilates (all about the core), turns up the temp (we’re talking 90 degrees with 30 percent humidity) and adds in lots of squats and lunges. Trust us, you’ll feel the burn…for at least a few days after.

1906 Union St.; 415-658-7993 or

SF workouts LIST4


Finally, a class that’s not about high-intensity interval training. Those classes are great when you want a killer workout, but sometimes you need something equally effective minus the warp-speed pace. That’s where AB Sculpt comes in. It strengthens and tones all over with an extra focus on the glutes, quads and core. The key is slow, deliberate movements in a choreographed sequence linking one move to the next. Think of it like slow-mo dance without the rhythm requirement.

592 Third St.; 415-735-1928 or

SF workouts LIST5


We love the no B.S. kind of yoga at this modern minimalist studio (there’s also one in Bernal Heights and one in Nob Hill). And because the practice here is fitness-inspired, be prepared to break a sweat. Elevate and Melt are no joke, so attempt these classes only if you’re experienced with more advanced postures. The all-levels class is a safe bet for a solid workout, and Fundamentals is a little more low-key if you prefer to wind down at the end of the day.

3315 20th St.; 415-529-1546 or

SF workouts list6


If you’re as frequent a ClassPass user as we are, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of something called Lagree. But what the heck is it? Basically, it’s the high-intensity workout that all the L.A. celebs are doing to maintain their super-fit bods. It uses a reformer-like Megaformer to work every single muscle in your body, moving from lower body to upper body to abs, for the 40 minutes of class. It’s brutal, but it’s way worth it.

4122 18th St.; 415-776-2673 or

SF workouts LIST7
Emily M./Yelp


Here’s one reason to head to the Tenderloin: Phoenix Rising, a Saturday-morning poolside yoga class (11 a.m. to 12 p.m.) that runs through September 30 at the Phoenix Hotel. Classes are led by Yoga Tree instructors, so you know you’re in for a legit workout. It’s BYOM (bring your own mat), and after you get your om on, you’ll be rewarded with a mimosa or a glass of rosé. Now that’s a weekend class we can get behind.

601 Eddy St.; 415-776-1380 or

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