The One Podcast You *Need* to Listen to, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are so many amazing podcasts out there, it’s almost impossible to decide which one to queue up for your commute. Why not let the stars be your guide? Here’s the best podcast to listen to, based on your zodiac sign.

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how did this get made podcast

Aquarius: 'how Did This Get Made?'

You're a smart, cultured and open-minded Aquarius, but even you’ve watched a movie and thought, Why was this necessary? How Did This Get Made? is hosted by June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas and Paul Scheer, and deconstructs some of the cringiest movies in film history (think: Burlesque, Gigli and Leprechaun: In the Hood). It’s eccentric, inventive and unpredictable—just like you.

my dad wrote a porno podcast
My Dad Wrote a Porno

Pisces: 'my Dad Wrote A Porno'

In true Pisces fashion, you’re super creative, meaning you need a podcast that’s a little outside the box. Consider combining your inventiveness with your romantic side (in a jokey way, of course) with My Dad Wrote a Porno. In each episode, host Jamie Morton reads a chapter of a series of amateur erotic novels his dad wrote under the pen name Rocky Flintstone, then reacts to the chapter with two co-hosts. It’s absurd, silly and wonderful.

getting curious with jonathan van ness podcast

Aries: 'getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness'

The Aries woman (or man) is passionate, confident and curious. Queer Eye’s JVN is an Aries himself, so he gets it—which is why it isn’t surprising that his podcast is basically an Aries fever dream. In each episode, Van Ness goes deep into a topic (like how global health affects everything or how Kim Kardashian broke the internet) by interviewing an expert in that field. It’s eye-opening and wildly entertaining.

this american life podcast

Taurus: 'this American Life'

One of the most dependable and committed signs of the Zodiac, Tauruses appreciate consistency. What better show to listen to than one that’s released 651 episodes since 1995? Ira Glass’s weekly, hour-long program typically explores one topic per episode in different acts. The ambitious Taurus will love diving deep into new subjects, from real-life pirates to feather heists.

2 dope queens podcast

Gemini: '2 Dope Queens'

Geminis are fun, quick-witted and energetic. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson’s excellent podcast 2 Dope Queens is the one for you. Sadly, the ladies just announced they’re moving on from the podcast (their last episode featured an interview with Michelle Obama, no big deal), but there’s a 49-episode archive—featuring interviews, stand-up sets and hilarious banter—primed and ready for your listening pleasure.

oprahs super soul conversations podcast

Cancer: 'oprah's Supersoul Conversations'

As a Cancer, you’re nurturing, sensitive and intuitive. She isn’t a Cancer herself, but Oprah’s vibe totally aligns with your interests and goals. On her podcast, the media mogul welcomes commentators, celebs and authors (like Julia Roberts, Tina Turner and Thich Nhat Hanh) to talk about how you can become your best, most joyful self.

bitch sesh podcast

Leo: 'bitch Sesh'

The Leo lady is passionate, energetic and loves the spotlight. Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider’s Bitch Sesh is technically a Real Housewives recap show, but with all the dishy drama and gossip, you don’t really have to be a Housewives superfan to appreciate Wilson and Schneider’s laugh-out-loud funny analyses of the comings and goings of New York City’s (and Beverly Hills’ and Atlanta’s) fanciest gals.

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the daily podcast
The new york times

Virgo: 'the Daily'

Virgos are perfectionists, for better or for worse. And you always want to know everything from back to front—quickly. Michael Barbaro’s 20-minute podcast is an efficient tool for practical, sometimes-impatient Virgos to get the news they need in a no-nonsense way.

my favorite murder podcast
My Favorite Murder

Libra: 'my Favorite Murder'

The average Libra is justice-minded and has a great sense of humor. On this true crime comedy program, hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark choose different murders—sometimes high-profile, sometimes "hometown murders" submitted by friends and fans—and discuss them at length. Largely improvisational, the podcast strikes the perfect balance (get it, Libra?) between funny, informational and compassionate.

dr death podcast

Scorpio: 'dr. Death'

People born under this water sign are mysterious and intense. Translation: True-crime podcasts are your thing. The latest to get on board with? Dr. Death, a podcast about Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who performed 32 botched spinal surgeries in Dallas between January 2012 and June 2013. Luckily, Scorpios are also notable for their bravery—a good trait to have when you’re listening to something so spine-tingly (pun intended).

spontaneanation podcast

Sagittarius: 'spontaneanation'

Paul F. Tompkins’s podcast starts with an interview with a special guest (during which they discuss a question provided by the previous guest). It then pivots to become an improv set—featuring the guest and a couple of improvisers—based on a weirdly specific location chosen by the guest (recent places include an amusement park, a pool in Palm Springs and a Jiffy Lube waiting room). Known for your sense of humor and adventurous, wanderlust-y spirit, Sags will appreciate the show’s location-based comedy.

planet money podcast

Capricorn: 'planet Money'

What do declining oil prices mean for you? How is the “pink tax” still a thing? As a wise and driven Capricorn, you want answers to practical questions—and tips on how best to achieve your goals (a skill you’re already great at, by the way). Planet Money uses dialogue and narrative to explain the ins and outs of the economy in a way that’s no-nonsense but still entertaining.