When you think “protein powder,” you probably think about hulking bros wearing muscle tees. But it’s 2018, and some companies are realizing that the market for protein powders is much more diverse. The first step toward inclusion? Making cleaner protein powders that don’t contain any animal products. Yep, they’re totally vegan and plant-based. Here, five of the buzziest you can buy right now.

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jar of aloha vanilla protein powder

Aloha Vanilla Protein Powder

With 18 grams of protein per serving, Aloha’s powders are absolute powerhouses. They’re also low in calories (with 150 grams per serving) and sugar (with 4 grams per serving). This not-too-sweet option is made with organic hemp seed protein, organic pumpkin seed protein and organic pea protein. Plus, it’s made without artificial sweeteners, GMO ingredients, soy or gluten. Wins all around.

Aloha ($30)

jar of the super elixir chocolate protein powder

The Super Elixir Nourishing Chocolate Protein

OK, we’ll get this out of the way up front: This protein powder is about as bougie as they come. Australian company WelleCo was co-founded by former supermodel Elle Macpherson and has quickly become a hit among Lululemon-clad SoulCycle enthusiasts. Its most popular product is The Super Elixir, a plant-based powder made from all-natural ingredients that can be mixed with water, coconut water or in smoothies. It’s a combination of brown rice and pea protein that provides all nine essential amino acids needed for recovery post-workout. Yes, it’s expensive, but it also comes very highly recommended by our most fabulous fitness friends.

WelleCo ($70)

two bottles of apres protein drink


Unlike the rest of the proteins on this list, Après isn’t technically a protein powder. It’s a vegan, post-workout drink that combines plant-based proteins, virgin coconut oil and coconut water. The chicly-packaged drink comes in three delicious-sounding flavors (mint cacao, chai spiced vanilla and sea salt chocolate) and is available on the Après site for one-time purchases or via subscription.

Après (from $34)

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cannister of nutiva hemp protein powder

Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder

Made from raw hemp seeds, Nutiva’s powder contains 15 grams of protein per serving, as well as all 20 amino acids (including the nine essentials recommended for post-workout). It’s also vegan, certified organic and non-GMO, as well as a great source of essential fatty acids and dietary fiber. Unlike non-organic, soy-based protein powders, it’s gently cold-pressed without hexane, a chemical solvent. It is fairly tasteless, though, so you might want to blend it into a smoothie with some more flavorful mix-ins.

Nutiva ($17)

sweet potatoes next to a packet of revere protein


One of the most mystifying things about protein powder? How to choose the right one for your needs. Revere recognizes this, and has users take a quiz about their habits and goals to identify the right products and build a proper subscription. Revere’s three pre- and post-workout formulas (in flavors like peach, vanilla chai and chocolate) contain plant-based proteins derived from peas, brown rice, beetroot and pomegranate (for endurance); sweet potato (for sustained energy and reduced inflammation); and tart cherry (to reduce soreness).

Revere (Cost varies by subscription)

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