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Whether you snooze like a princess who can detect a pea under 37 mattresses or a grizzly bear in hibernation, one thing’s for certain: The right pillow makes all the difference. Here, the best type for every kind of sleeper.

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pillow back

Best for Back Sleepers: A Medium-Support Pillow

Hey, Goldilocks—you need a pillow with ample support for your neck, but something that won’t will strain your head too high above your spine. Aim for an average-sized, medium-support pillow that will maintain its shape but is also soft to the touch.

Casper ($55)

pillow stomach sleeper

Best for Stomach Sleepers: A Slim, Soft Pillow

We’ve warned you about the adverse effects of sleeping on your front. But if you absolutely must face-plant onto your bed each night, make sure to enlist a thin, squishy pillow that won’t hyperextend your neck above your back. 

BioSense ($70)

pillow side sleeper

Best for Side Sleepers: A Firm Pillow

The optimum pillow has tons of support, keeps your neck and spine aligned and creates a solid cradle for your head. The extra support prevents you from tossing too much and keeps your head stable throughout the night. 

Coco-Mat ($73)

pillow body1

Best for Every Position: A Body Pillow

If you’re having trouble pinpointing your position, you probably toss and turn all night long. No problem—choose a foam body pillow that adjusts to whatever pose you end up in.

Snuggle-Pedic ($70) 

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