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The Best Way to Stop Hiccuping
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Hiccups always seem to come at the most unfortunate moments, like when you’re at an interview for a new job or watching a super-dramatic, quiet scene in a movie theater or on a first date where everything you do seems amplified by the power of ten. And though you could breathe deeply into a paper bag or have your friend shock them out of your system, there is a far more discreet way to get them to stop.

What you do: Sit still and focus (like really focus) on when you’re going to hiccup next. Try your best to anticipate the next one. Yep, eyes closed…keep thinking about that next hiccup…and thinking about it…thinking about it….and then? Sweet relief. They’re gone.

Why it works: You basically create a much-needed (and effective) distraction that causes them to go away quickly.

It’s weird and inexplicable, but hey, it works.

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