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The 10 Best Gifts for Your Fitness-Obsessed BFF, According to This Avid Wellness Blogger

She’s always FaceTiming you on her way to barre class and snapping pics from her fave spin studio. Yep, she’s serious workout #goals, which is why we asked Chelsea Williams, wellness blogger and all-around health guru, for the best gifts to get your fitness-loving friend (or mom or sister-in-law or yoga instructor). Here, ten amazing finds that she won’t be able to stop raving about (if she ever takes a break from the elliptical, that is).

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A Monogrammed Yoga Mat

Bonus: It doubles as artwork when she’s not using it. (We kid…sorta.)

Sugarmat ($88, plus $4 for monogram)


A Glass Water Bottle

Because she needs to kick her plastic water bottle addiction STAT. 

BKR ($55)


A Fancy Protein Powder

Gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. ’Cause, ya know, she’s healthy like that.

Citrine ($42)


A Pair of Wireless Headphones

Psst: You can throw the ear and head cushions in the washing machine. Genius.

Urbanears ($119)


A Fitness Tracker Watch

Does her everyday watch have pre-loaded workouts with step-by-step instructions? Didn’t think so.

Fitbit ($230)

J. Crew


#TBT to that time she called you near tears because she forgot her earbuds before a race…

J. Crew ($22)


A Versatile Gym Bag

Her tattered tote bag secretly drives you insane. 

Athleta ($148)


A Workout Class Subscription

You’ve been talking about trying out that trendy new trampoline class forever. Now’s your chance.

ClassPass (starting at $30/month)

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A Sweat-Wicking Headwrap

An absolute must for curly girls. (But especially when she gets a blowout and then thinks it’s a good idea to go to spin.)

Gymwrap ($20)


A Pair of Mesh-Cutout Leggings

Your BFF will be the most stylish one at the Sweetgreen barre studio. 

Delmonico ($79) 

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