5 New Workouts That Will Get Your Abs (and the Rest of You) in Fighting Shape, Fast

No matter what sort of exercise you’re into, from Pilates to spin, there’s a hard-core version of it just waiting to get you into fast shape for spring. Just clean up your diet, drink massive amounts of water and hit three of these classes per week for the next month. You’ll see results or—worst-case scenario—be too blissed out from endorphins to care.

The 8 Toughest (but So Worth It) Workouts in Los Angeles

Like Slow-but-challenging? Try The Tension Workout

A little bit Pilates class, a little bit medieval rack torture ritual, 25-minute sessions at Lagree Fitness Studios have you pushing on, pulling against and balancing atop the workout equipment that’s made up of springs, bars and straps. (At the WeHo location, the instructor makes the machine tilt via remote control so you have to work doubly hard to stay on balance.) Two other important points: All movements are done with taut core muscles, so they’re always working. And, most importantly, this is Meghan Markle’s go-to workout.

Like Trampolines? Try The Bouncy Class

Another ex-dancer here: This one is Lauren Kleban, and she has a private Lekfit studio behind her Hancock Park home where she leads morning classes (you may have seen them on Busy Philips’s sweat-drenched Insta Stories). The way we needed to pull in our gut atop the mini-tramp (otherwise, such unpleasant shaking), as well as during floor exercises and dance cardio, made us pretty sure we’re gonna look great in our tankini.

Enjoy Dance Fitness Classes? Meet The Broadway Dancer

Amanda Kloots maintains a bi-coastal fan base of women—not all of them dance class fans—who enjoy her peppy delivery, banging hip-hop mix and emphasis on schooling followers on exact placement for max toning. Plus, her little one-legged backwards-scoot contraction is killer for belly-toning.

Crazy For Spinning? Then Try It Heated

Need to drop some water weight, pronto, as well as tone? How about an all-out spin class in a room heated to 84 degrees? Increased temperature is the special sauce at The Sweat Shoppe, a small dark room in North Hollywood where miracles happen. Or at least puddles of perspiration left after you’ve endured 55 minutes of pounding tunes and no-excuses-movitation from instructors. We were, frankly, frightened, so we started with the after-work 45-minute Express class. And boom, just like that, we sweated away three pounds—temporary, yes, but an ego boost nonetheless.

Love Jumping Up And Down? Try A Ballet Workout

No previous dance training necessary, the Align Ballet Method Flight Class starts with a barre warm-up followed by a series of jumping exercises in which you build up to a cardio workout. While it seems like you’re spending a lot of energy tucking your glutes and kicking your legs, you’re actually using a lot of ab strength to keep your back straight and shoulders back in that regal ballet posture. Because we’ve never seen a ballerina with a gut, have you?

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