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It’s no secret that moisture is the key to glowing, baby-soft skin. Unfortunately, one blow of Chicago’s icy air is all it takesto sap any hint of that naturally occurring dewy look. The good news? The winds off Lake Michigan are no match for our curated, easy-to-follow guide to winter skin care.

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Take Warm (Not Hot) Showers

If you’re the type of person who loves jumping into a hot shower after a day of trudging through the snow, we’re right there with you. That said, it’s much easier on your skin if you dial back the temperature to avoid stripping away any naturally occurring oils.

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Moisturize Immediately After Your Shower

The steam from your shower helps open up your pores, so your skin is extra receptive to moisturizers and oils right after you towel off. Keep your favorite lotion or heavy-duty oil near your shower for easy application. We’re loving Kiehl’s luxurious Ultra Facial Cream ($28).

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Drink All the Water

This is a year-round essential, but it bears repeating: Drinking water is an absolute must for keeping your skin supple and hydrated. During winter, we turn more frequently to hot drinks like coffee and tea, but the caffeine in those beverages can dry out your skin. Drink an extra glass of water for every cup o’ joe you consume.

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Embrace the Power of the Mask

Sheet masks are most definitely having a moment right now, and we for one couldn’t be happier. Sephora stocks a veritable arsenal of them, with active ingredients ranging from charcoal to green tea. If you’re more of a DIY gal, you can whip up a moisturizing mask using avocado.

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Humidify Your Home

Any heating system will dry out your indoor air, but the Chicago brownstones equipped with radiators (of which there are many) are especially hard on your skin. Combat the situation by placing a humidifier in your bedroom so your skin can soak up all that moisture through the night. That’s what we call beauty sleep.

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Amp Up the Oils and Serums

While many skin types might not be able to handle oils and serums year-round, most everyone can benefit from a dollop or two of high-quality facial oil during the winter months. We love Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($46). But if you’re worried about breaking out, try adding a dropper’s worth of argan oil to your everyday moisturizer. You’ll love the feel of Josie Maran’s lightened up version ($96).

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