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We’ve all been there after a night of heavy imbibing: the dry, icky taste in our mouth, a craving for a greasy BEC and a pounding headache that feels like we got hit by a train. Here are four things you can do to stop the Merlot migraines. 

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wine headache honey

Reach for the Honey

The sweet stuff you put in your tea contains fructose, which can help metabolize alcohol in the blood, according to a recent study conducted by the Fujian Medical University in China. So next time you overdo it with the wine, follow Mary Poppins's advice and follow it with a spoonful (or three).

wine headache water

Drink More Water

Yep, we all know alcohol is dehydrating. So crushing that bottle of vino sans water at dinner can lead to pretty terrible migraines the next morning. Instead, make sure to sip H20 alongside your Pinot, and drink at least eight cups of water every day (but especially before a big party night). 

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wine headache red white

Switch Up Your Vino

We won't bore you with the complicated science, but basically, tannins are the naturally occurring chemicals in grapes that help give wine its complexity. However, they may also cause major headaches. Your best bet? Stick to white or low-tannin wines like FitVine, since most reds tend to have higher levels of the compound.  

wine headache party

Moderate Your Intake

Sure, it's easy to slowly sip before bedtime. But we often overindulge in large social settings (aka the holidays), when a glass can turn into four in just a few hours. Make sure to keep tabs on the size of the pour and hourly consumption to avoid feeling it the next day. 

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