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Whether toting groceries, babies or every last item from the Barneys sale, we can use all the arm strength we can get. (We don’t mind the way it makes us look in our sleeveless tops, either.) That’s why we love FlyBarre and these four at-home workouts created by instructor Sarah Gonsiorowski—we’re doing them every chance we get.


Side-Lying Tricep Push-ups

What it targets: Upper back part of your arm/triceps, anterior deltoids (read: the backs of your shoulders) and core.

Set up: Lie on your side with your top hand pressed onto the floor in front of you, your bottom arm wrapped around your ribs and your legs bent at a 45-degree angle.

Movement: Push up to a straight/slightly bent arm and lower. Complete 20 reps and repeat on the other side.

Modification: Stagger your legs to make it easier.


Plank Walks

What it targets: Chest, deltoids, triceps, lats and core. So now you can tote two bottles of two-buck Chuck home from Trader Joe’s.

Set up: Come up into a straight arm plank position.

Movement: Place your right forearm down, followed by your left. Walk back up by placing your right palm to the floor, then left. Alternate sides. Repeat 20 on the right and 20 on the left.

Modification: Drop to your knees.


Tricep Dips

What it targets: Triceps (we’re coming for you @Mobama) and back.

Set up: Come to a seated position, place palms behind you with fingertips facing your body, and lift your seat off the floor.

Movement: Drop down an inch and up an inch in a "pulsing" movement with your elbows pointing behind you while engaging your shoulder blades. Complete 20 reps, rest and repeat.

Modification: Drop to a seated position, or make it more challenging by lifting a leg off the floor.


Pulsing Push-up with Raised Leg

What it targets: Chest, core, deltoids, back and triceps—so basically, everything.

Set up: Come to a high plank and place palms just wider than chest.

Movement: Lift your right leg off the floor four to six inches, bend your elbows back on a diagonal, drop down an inch and press up an inch with a "pulsing" movement. Repeat 20 times, and then switch to the left leg.

Modification: Keep both feet on the ground or drop to the opposite knee. Breathe girl, breathe.

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