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You slept on your neck wrong last night. You nicked the side of that coffee table…again. You got a little squat-competitive at Cardio Booty Blast. All of these little bumps, bruises, aches and pains are just a part of life, right? Sure. But before you resign to the same old regiment of Tylenol and regret, we have a new trick up our sleeve.

It’s an herb and homeopathic tincture called arnica that relieves muscle stiffness and reduces inflammation. And it’s kind of changed our life.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go all Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and whip it up yourself--it’s $7 for a three-ounce tube on Amazon. Simply rub the cooling gel on any area that needs some TLC and wait for the tension to release, almost immediately. 

There’s not much else to do beyond that, but there are a few cautionary points to know ahead of time. First, never ingest arnica; use topically only. And second, apply arnica sparingly as a spot-treatment for the occasional rough-up, not as a part of a daily beauty routine. If you have a serious injury, do go to the doctor--of course. But if you’re like us and just can’t be left to walk in a straight line, stock up on this little miracle fix. 

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