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Heres How to Get Alison Bries Glow Body, Straight from Her Trainer

Hey, quick question: Have you watched Glow on Netflix? If so, can we talk about how amazing it is? If not, please go watch it now and we’ll talk later.

It follows Ruth Wilder (played by Alison Brie), an aspiring actress, as she gets into the 1980s women’s professional wrestling circuit. It’s fun, unabashedly campy and terrifically ’80s.

And did we mention Brie did all of her own stunts? As a female wrestler? In the ring? Badass alert.

We checked in with her longtime trainer, Jason Walsh, to find out how the petite actress (she’s only five foot three) got into the best shape of her life. Our two main takeaways? She started eating more and doing cardio less.

Brie, like many women, was hesitant to switch her focus to weight training. "People come in with preconceived ideas of what works for their bodies," Walsh told us. "What you have to do is earn people's trust. You don't want to do anything that's going to overload their psyche or scare them off. You do a little bit at a time and they start to feel the mind-body connection."

Once Brie was on board, Walsh’s workouts were no joke. He had Brie doing farmer’s walks (basically, walking while holding two 65-pound weights), pull-ups and deadlifts. She also peppered in classes at Rise Nation, Walsh’s 30-minute full-body workout on VersaClimber machines, which mimic the movements of climbing.

Now that the show has wrapped, Walsh says it’s all about maintenance. Without a specific goal in mind, the two have toned down her workouts, going three days a week instead of four or five. While she’s doing versions of the things she was doing to get ready for Glow, he says it’s way more fun and less stressful now. 

You heard it here, folks: Stop skipping meals and think beyond the spin class.

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